Singapore Football Sports Betting

Singapore Football Sports Betting

Singapore is a country that loves and adores football. This is why there are tons of young and middle-aged men visiting sports betting outlets while the others take to online sites to show their passion for their favourite teams through sports betting online.

How to Play Football Sports Betting in Singapore

How to Play Football Sports Betting in Singapore

Playing football sports betting is not as complicated as it looks and there are two ways in which you can bet on sports games.


  1. Betting in Outlets

When you are betting in outlets you are expected to lodge your bets before the matches on your ticket kick-off. You can do this till sales close before the event begins, and when the outlet operations are in full gear


  1. Betting Online

Betting online is another way of playing football games. If you are not yet a member of BK8, you should take a look at their football games section.

You can play sports games in Singapore through this method

You can play sports games in Singapore through this method

  1. Prediction

The first step you need to do is to seek the games that you’re interested in then predict the bet type/market selection. your choice


  1. Odds Check

After you predict the type/market, carefully scrutinize the odds for the selection you have made, if it is in line with what you desire to win when the games conclude, proceed to place your bet.


  1. The Wait

Once you have placed your bet, wait till all the teams you selected in your bet have concluded their matches. If the predictions you made on the various teams are correct, it means you have won and any money that is due to you will be paid in full.



Odds are an integral component of sports betting. Without odds in betting, it looks like a hunter hunting deer with a gun that has no bullets. So, odds are an integral component of sports betting. So, what are the odds?

Well, odds are figures that are fixed by bookmakers which constitute the proportion linking stake and winnings on a specified outcome, if you desire to place a bet on that odd.

For instance, if the outcome of a football event has odds of 2/1 or 2.00, what it means is that you are doing to win $2 for every $1 bet you make or more. For every football event selection, odds are offered for them.

With the odds given for every event, players can make their calculations in line with the dollar they are willing to spend on a single selection or a culmination of other selections.


Opening Odds

For every football event, some odds are ascribed to them. For instance, for an event between Team A and Team B, once the games are filed by the bookmaker, odds are ascribed to that event, and this is referred to as the opening odds.

During the build-up to the matchday or the event day, the odds may either increase or decrease, this depends on the perception of the bookmaker and external factors influencing the event.

As a gambler, you have to always research the latest odds in the process of placing your bets. The higher the odds, the better your chances of winning higher returns. Whatever win you get at the end of the match/event is a result of the odds selection you made when you placed your bet.



A singles bet selection is made when a gambler selects odds for one single match event. If the selection ends up as a win, the outcome will be the odds multiplied by the stake that was made in that single selection



A multiple bet is a bet that is done when a stake is made on a combination of two or more matches/events. To win a multiple bet, every prediction on the selections in your bets slip must be accurate. If your prediction is wrong on one selection within the selections you made, you will lose the entire bet.

To get a clearer description it can be further broken down into these components:


  1.     Double: For a double bet, there are two sections which mean the number of matches or events will be two
  2.     Treble: For a treble bet, there are three sections which mean the number of matches or events will be three
  3.     4-fold: For a 4-fold bet, there are four sections which mean the number of matches or events will be four


If all your selections in any of the double, treble, or 4-fold selections are correct, you are entitled to win the amount calculated from the multiplication of all the odds in the bet slip.



How To Place Bets

Like we said earlier, placing bets is very easy. You can either choose to:

  •       walk into any football betting outlet in Singapore
  •       or you can bet online via your phone or computer with your BK8 account.


When Should You Place Bets?

If you are registered on BK8 you can place pre-match bets when you take notice of the odds for match or matches are available, place bets live as the event progresses, or up till the close of sales. Please note that this process is subject to the terms and conditions of BK8 in line with the best bet placement.


Match/Event Abandonment

When it is deemed that Match/Event Abandonment has occurred, it could be as a result of the match/event not concluding, it never started, or the match didn’t get to the regulation time.

If this situation occurs, the gambler is required to wait and receive further instructions from BK8.

There is a given time allocated by BK8 for a decision to be made on inconclusive games, once that time has elapsed, BK8 will announce their decision based on the final resolution of the organizers of a match/event.

What options are available For Football Betting

What options are available For Football Betting?

BK8 has for available options football betting, and those football betting options are

  • Max Bet Saba-Sports
  • CMD368 C-Sports
  • BK8-Sports


Join BK8 and Receive Free Bonus

By joining BK8 Singapore you’re entitled to receiving a free bonus from the site. This bonus is the YOUR FIRST BET IS RISK-FREE bonus. After registration, all you need to provide is a mobile phone number to apply for this promotion.

Also, you must have placed MYR 100 on any soccer match (available to sports handicap (HDP) and Over/Under Markets. You will receive a 100% Cashback in line with the “Net Loss Amount” of the result of your first bet order.