Highway King Slot: Entertaining and Rewarding Game Worth Playing Every Time

Highway King Slot Entertaining and Rewarding Game Worth Playing Every Time

Gaming and betting possibilities are many in the internet gambling business. However, hardly will you find an experienced bettor who has never encountered a slots game. The game category is famous for various reasons: entertainment, rewards, and bonuses. More so, players get to access various slots titles in the category.

For those who are slots gaming newbies, it’s understandable if you are overwhelmed by the vast number of slots games available in top online betting households like BK8. However, you shouldn’t be. One of the most rewarding slots games you can start with is the popular Highway King slot game.

Developed by Playtech and released in 2012, Highway King slot is a trucker-themed slot machine game that features five reels and three rows. Also, the slots game offers nine bet means for players to win. Among symbols and features on the game include wilds, scatters, and multiplier bonuses. It’s worth noting that the Highway King slot Singapore game does not feature jackpots and free spins. Nevertheless, the rewards associated with the game cannot be overemphasized. To learn more about the exciting slots game, read this article to the end.

Highway Kings Online Game Paytable, Gameplay, and Features

Highway Kings Online Game: Paytable, Gameplay, and Features

Highway King is a slot machine game similar to the original fruit machines in that players must hit identical symbol combinations in order to earn cash. The slots game features multiple high-valued symbols, as shown in the table below:


Number of symbols on a payline Red truck Yellow truck Green truck Gasoline container Gas pump
1 2
2 10 5 5 5 2
3 50 25 20 20 10
4 500 250 150 150 50
5 10000 5000 1000 1000 300

NB: The numbers of the Highway King slot machine paytable have always been the same.  Each value is considered as a multiplier, which applies to the overall bet.


Before a player can win, it’s important to select a preferred size of the bet per line. In this part, any player can stake between 0.01 to 1 credit. From there, players must decide how many lines they want to bet on. Considering that there are nine paylines, a player can choose between one and nine lines. Every active line on the slots game comes with a bet. Hence, the overall bet for a single spin translates into a bet per line, then multiplied by the line count. For instance, 0.01 multiplied by nine lines give 0.90 credits.

After activating paylines, a player has to land at least two similar symbols on adjacent reels. On the game menu, the player may see where they have to land. Also, it is mandatory that the combination of two symbols begins from the leftmost reel. Furthermore, the combo has to stay on an active line. For a player without a bet on a payline and the combo lands on the line, there won’t be any prize. Also, if your winning combo lands on the middle reels, there won’t be any prize.

On the Highway King slots game table, the prizes are coins. Hence, if a player lands four symbols, for instance, red truck, the prize is 500 coins. Now, assuming that the selected bet per line is 0.01 credit, the prize is 500 multiplied by 0.01, which gives five credits.

When playing the Highway King slots game, patrons can win prizes in multiple ways, aside from the base game. This include:

  • Wild – In the Highway King slot game, the wild refers to the red truck facing left. It features a text saying, “wild.” This replaces any missing symbol needed to complete a winning line. Also, if the wild is applied on a payline, it doubles the win. It’s worth noting that there are no expanding wilds in the Highway King slots game. Also, the wild only shows up in the middle reels, including the second, third, and fourth reels.
  • Scatter – With the scatter symbol, players get coins. As long as there is at least one scatter sign anywhere on the grid, you’ll get rewarded. The possible prizes includes 5x – 100, 4x -10, 3x – 15 and 2x – 1. The coin prizes serve as multipliers. However, they only apply to the overall stake. For instance, if a player lands a scatter five times at a total bet of nine credits, the prize will be 100 multiplied by nine, which gives 900 credits. Take note that Highway King slots only pay the highest win on a single payline.

Highway King Slot Game Tips and Tricks

Highway King Slot Game: Tips and Tricks

Winning real money on the Highway King slot game is not the most challenging gaming option online. On the contrary, it’s entertaining and lucrative. If you are approaching the game for the first time, it’s recommended to check out the demo mode to get used to the game. By testing the game, you can understand the symbols, features, and bet lines better.

Among the important Highway King slot tips to know is to stake small for a start. This is because although it’s easy to land the winning combination on the slots game, the prizes are quite close to the value of the overall bet. Hence, even when you bet with a small amount and land the red truck five times, you win a massive 10,000 coins. If you had played before and lost some money, the coin would be enough to recover your losses.

Although the Highway King slot game does not feature free spins, you are advised to take advantage of the associated bonuses and promotions. BK8 and other generous online casinos give new and returning players a variety of incentives. With your welcome bonus alone, you have enough to win massively on the Highway King slot game. To get the most of the benefits, though, be sure to read the terms and restrictions. Failure not to comply with the rules may result in invalidation of the bonuses and winnings.


Now that you are used to the gameplay, symbols, and features of the Highway King slot Singapore game, feel free to play on reliable betting sites such as BK8 online casino Singapore. On the betting platform, you can take advantage of bonuses and promotions to increase your odds of winning. Endeavor to implement the Highway King slot tips shared herein. They will go a long way in winning massively from the famous Highway King slot game. Keep winning!!!