Top 7 Tips to Win on Any Online Baccarat Game

Top 7 Tips to Win on Any Online Baccarat Game

In online casinos, live casino game is one of the most rewarding game categories for patrons. Online baccarat game, in particular, stands as many players’ as possible favourite not only because it’s exciting and rewarding, but you can give yourself a better chance of winning every day. In other words, the more you play Baccarat, the more familiar you will get to implement your strategy to increase your chances of winning.

Admittedly, it’s near impossible to beat the house edge statistically. However, beating the house edge is not the goal when it comes to making money from online baccarat games. Instead, mastering the rules and implementing key tips will bring you much-needed wins. In this article, you’ll get to learn the basic rules of the games and the crucial elements of becoming a successful online baccarat player. Read on!

Introducing the rules

Introducing the rules

First off, it’s worth stating that playing Baccarat in Singapore online casinos has always been fun. You’ll come across various online casinos offering the game with generous bonuses and impressive payouts, as see with BK8 online casino Singapore.

As a beginner, always have it in mind that Baccarat is a game of luck and skill. If you want to become play Baccarat in Singapore successfully, you need to appreciate both sides of the game. Although luck surely outweighs any level of skill or experience, you’ll still get to enjoy your game and many wins with a good baccarat strategy.

However, the rules come first. Online baccarat game features three types of bets, including the Banker, the Player, and the Tie. If you choose a Banker or Player, you are betting on two either of two possible outcomes. After choosing your hand, the dealer will provide two cards. The player with cards that are closest to nine wins the game.

For instance, in a scenario where the Player has seven while the Banker holds five, and you bet on the Player’s hand, you win. If the outcome of the card dealt is equal and you picked a tie, it’s a win again. All of this is just a set of rules. Interestingly, considering that the Banker bet is more favoured statistically, many online casinos place a higher fee commission fee on the bet. Essentially, the goal is to equalize the odds between the two sides. Having learned the regulations, let’s move on to the winning strategies.

Top 7 Winning Tips for Online Baccarat Game

Top 7 Winning Tips for Online Baccarat Game

Before delving into the tips, it’s worth re-stating that Baccarat is a game of chance, and there is no strategy that is outrightly foul-proof. However, the tips shared below can help tip the scale balance slightly in your favour when used correctly.

1. Choose Banker Bet for a System-free game

Here is arguably the most important tip to keep in mind as a beginner. Considering that you are not yet a Baccarat strategist, you should avoid betting on Banker bet when using any type of betting system. This is because the Banker’s bet features the highest commission among the bets. Whether it’s a negative, progressive, or flat system, keep off Banker’s bet. However, if you are simply playing freely, feel free to try your luck with Banker’s bet.

2. Nothing like the “Best bet”

In the game of Baccarat, the idea is to know what you are after when choosing your best possible bet. If the idea is to negate the house edge, you can continue betting on the Banker – despite the high commission. But if you plan to use a specific strategy, you are advised to stick with the Player bet.

3. Nothing like “Hot Tables”

Here is another common myth that you should avoid when playing online baccarat games. As a matter of fact, there are no hot tables in Baccarat. Every game session is based on a huge slice of luck and meticulous betting. For some high rollers, the air of nonchalance might have worked for them. However, if you want to nail it, stay away from myths and fallacies, and just play according to the rules of the game. For instance, you might be introduced to “near misses,” where you are made to think that if certain conditions are met, you can influence the game result. This is nothing but fallacies; don’t fall for it.

4. Enjoy the game and accept a loss

Losing is part of the game, whether you like it or not. Take it in stride and enjoy the game. When you lose, and you feel confident enough to press on, go ahead. During the game, don’t let your emotions impair your judgement. Consistency will make you better; accepting the win and loss will improve you.

Additionally, when you play the game, focus more on the entertainment. If you don’t feel the fun and excitement anymore, there is nothing in wasting your time around the table. An important tip to know is that there is no shame in leaving to play another day.

5. Plan a budget and stay committed

After some demo games, you might want to put in your real money. At this stage, it’s essential to make a plan. This is especially crucial for players after winning than the entertainment associated with the game. Allocate a particular budget for the game and be prepared to stop once the budget is about to be exceeded. You can also set a monthly, weekly, or quarterly budget.

6. Refrain from waiting for a “cycle” completion

During your early experience with Baccarat, you might get recommendations to wait for the Player or Banker to lose before entering the game again. While this may appear to improve chances of winning in theory, it’s not the same in practice, and there is no evidence to support it. In fact, when you read too much meaning to winning or losing, you can end up making a poor decision for yourself. Try to enjoy the game more than you read it.

7. Attach no significance to Tie bet

Before now, players used to think that a Tie bet puts them in a position of winning huge. However, over the years, players have come to realize that slow and steady does the trick. In other words, a Player bet, or Banker bet is more rewarding in the long run. Hence, don’t fall for the regrettable “push” coming from Tie bet.


Online baccarat game is surely an entertaining and rewarding classic table game. As suggested in several places within the article, going into the game with the mentality of enjoying the game while having the tips at the back of your mind can make you look like a Pro, despite being a newbie to the game. The game tips do not guarantee to win all the time, but it helps improve your chances of winning and lowers the possibility of losing. To start making money from Baccarat, play now at BK8 online casino.