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Evolution Gaming is the first-ever business-to-business platform to bring classic casino games into live and interactive online games. So, if you can’t hit your local casino with the poorest quality, you can go to Evolution Gaming for a better experience on almost any platform.

With a worth of 26.6 Billion SGD in 2023 and over 1 million active players, it is the leading pioneer of live casino games. We welcome you to our detailed guide on the wonders of Evolution Gaming and their immersive games that bring value to your money.

History Of Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming, founded in 2006 in Riga, Latvia, has conquered the live casino industry with its immersive games. Initially, they had only one ambition: “to revolutionise live casino games. Their idea was to create a gaming industry where the users interact with a natural person on a virtual platform. Then, In 2009, they managed to get into 888, SkyBet, and Ladbrokes online casinos that were the pioneers of Europe.

Evolution Gaming fully stood up on its feet when, in 2010, it released everyone’s favourite “Live Roulette” game. They then won their first “EGR Live Casino Supplier Of the Year” award. Subsequently, In 2016, they launched games like “Live Blackjack, Auto Roulette, Live Caribbean Stud Poker, and many more fan favourites.” Since smartphones were on the rise, and everyone had a decent smartphone in their pocket, Evolution Gaming knew it was time to optimise their games for smaller screens.

Today, they have over 20+ offices and studios all over the globe, from Riga, Malta to Bucharest and Pennsylvania.

Types Of Games Provided By Evolution Gaming:

Evolution Gaming is the world’s leading e-gaming platform for only one reason, and it is because of these stunning games:

Live Casino

They have a vast library of all types of live casino games that captivate the players with curious eyes. They achieve their “state-of-art” live games by streaming them on their partnered casinos from different studios worldwide. The different types of live casino games they offer to their consumers are Dream Catcher, Game Shows, Poker, Dice and Craps and many more.

Table Games

Back in the day, the only reason why their platform thrived so much was because of their different table games. But more importantly, what are table games? They are a casino game category that uses cards, dice, and tiles on a table. They were played on land-based casinos in the past, but for over a decade, these games have been adapted for online casinos.

Table games often include Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, poker game shows, and many more, so let’s look at what type of Table games Evolution Gaming provides.

Live Roulette

Live roulette played by Evolution Gaming is a very realistic and immersive experience. The game is streamed from a studio with an actual roulette wheel and a professional dealer.

First, you must place your bets on the roulette table through your screen. The dealer will spin the roulette wheel and drop the ball when a player plays. The ball will settle at a random pocket, and the winnings will be called out.

Evolution Gaming offers nine different types of Live Roulette games: standard roulette, Immersive Roulette, Lightning Roulette, Double Ball Roulette, and more. Each game has its own unique features and betting options. Their live roulette games are some of the best in the industry and are known for their fair play.

Live Blackjack

Blackjack is not a category to be missed, as around 10 million people play this game each month. This is something Evolution Gaming acknowledged a long ago, and in 2014, it released its first live blackjack game. With an average RTP of 99.29%, you can win up to 100 of your initial win. But what are the rules? Most of their games feature Standard European Rules, so someone who loves blackjack will always find it easy to play.

The bet goes from 7 SGD to 1450 SGD, depending on the game type, and it has 21+3 side bets to make the game even more enjoyable. Streamed directly from the grounds of Riga, Latvia, their tables can accommodate up to 7 players. With their top-tier user interface and professional dealers, their Live blackjack is a prestige play. But beware! Blackjack is not a game of luck but skills, even if provided by Evolution Gaming.

Live Baccarat

In the second category comes their “live Baccarat Games.” It provides up to 50 extensive tables, but its game variety is also immersive. Evolution Gaming makes sure to get you as much customization as possible. The games can vary from Payout structure, deal speed, and deal type to dealer language and table limits.

So, getting stuck on what kind of game you want is more accessible, right? Well, to make the selection accessible, they created “Smart Baccarat Lobby” to filter the user’s preferences in one single click. These game providers offer live baccarat games, including standard, no-commission, and speed baccarat.

Live baccarat is a classic game played with a standard deck of cards. Players bet on whether the banker or the player will have the closest hand to 9. At the same time, No Commission baccarat does not charge a commission on winning banker bets to make it a fan favourite.

Then there is Speed baccarat, which lets you play at a faster pace. The game is played with eight decks of cards, and the dealer hits until he has five or higher.

Live Poker

The third most renowned category of Evolution Gaming is the variety of good Live poker games available. I should not explain to you how online poker works. But what sets Evolution Gaming Live Poker apart? Well, Their poker isn’t AI-generated. Now, what happens with most of the online pokers is that they are software predicting the moves. But in this case, the cards are dealt by a human dealer, and then each play is transmitted to the user by streaming.

Evolution Gaming provides the end users with four different live poker games. Casino Hold ’em, Side Bet City, Three Card Poker, and Caribbean Stud Poker are these games. It shall be noted that each of these games varies a lot in terms of rules. So always do your research before plucking one from the garden.

Live Game Shows

Developing Live roulette, Baraccade, and poker games wasn’t enough. The next thing they did was launch their live Game Shows in 2017. The idea is taken from the TV Game shows you might encounter each week. By adding some new genres to their game shows, Evolution Gaming took those game shows into more link gambling shows. You might feel like these games are less risky, but it is the contrary, so always play carefully.

In these games, you get a live dealer who talks to you over the process, making the game more interesting as you bet and select numbers on the screen. The most popular of these games are Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt, Lightning Roulette Game Show, Crazy Time, Cash or Crash, and Deal or No Deal.

Dice Games

Asians have always loved dice Games, and the good thing is that being a European Gambling Platform, they didn’t leave out the traditional Asian dice games. Like everything is live, the dice games feature an actual physical dice thrown by a human dealer. This makes the Dice games authentic and fun to try.

The well-known live dice game is no other than Craps. But Craps in land-based casinos is a social event as all the guys in the background are cheering up. But this is not a limitation for Evolution Gaming as they made Craps one of the well-known live Dice games.

Most Popular Evolution Live Casino Games

Now that we know almost all about what Evolution Gaming has to offer, it’s time to address their most popular games to make it easier for starters to navigate their library.

Lightning Roulette

Of all the Roulette games, one stands out the most: Lightning Roulette. The only difference between a Lightning Roulette and a standard Roulette is its many new twists. The traditional roulette wheel is the same, but lightning strikes up to five random numbers before each spin. The strike of lightning gets those numbers special multipliers of 50x, 100x, 200x, 300x, 400x, or even 500x.

If a player places a straight bet on a number that becomes a Lightning Number, and the ball lands on it, the player’s payout is multiplied accordingly. This feature adds an element of unpredictability and excitement to the game. The game has an RTP of 97.10% for single-number betting and 97.30% for even money bets. The game allows you to select your betting amount from 0.3 SGD to 16,660 SGD.

The higher betting amount makes it a good choice if someone wants to win big. Lightning Roulette won the EGR Game of the Year Award in 2018, the same year this game was released. The game features camera angles to give users the most immersive experience possible. There is also a betting limit option if one wants to play safe.

Infinite Blackjack

Infinite Blackjack is the most popular and irreplaceable option in Evolution Gaming because of its scalability. Now, most blackjacks offer limited seats (Usually 7), which makes Blackjack not a good option since you will have to hunt for accessible seats before enjoying the game. But that is not the case with Infinite Blackjack, as unlimited players can play at the same table. This scalability ensures that players rarely wait for a seat at the table, offering a more convenient and accessible gaming experience.

The game is played by placing coins on the main bet, and then when the betting amount is selected, four cards are drawn and distributed between the player and the dealer. In every play, the player sees one of the dealer’s cards to make it easier to stand down or hit. Apart from that, the game offers four side bets, so if one wants to risk their money, they can do so easily.

Dream Catcher

With an RTP of 96.58%, Dream Catcher allows you to win up to 725,030 SGD. The game features a big money wheel, where players bet their chips on a random number. Players place bets on the segment they believe the wheel will stop on after being spun by the live dealer.

So, if the wheel stops on the elected number, the player gets their payout. Many players choose the Dream Catcher Wheel of Fortune because there aren’t any fancy rules you will need to remember, like the Blackjack or poker games. This makes it a good option for beginners with minimum skills.

The wheel is distributed into 54 segments, but you can bet on the numbers 1,2,5,10,20 and 40. These six numbers appear multiple times on the wheel to increase the chances of winning. The smaller the number, the higher the number of segments. So, the probability of landing Number 1 is higher than number 10. You can also select direct multipliers, but the number of segments is relatively low. So, the best option would be to choose the numbers.

Crazy Time

Crazy Time is a serene game but a variant of Wheel Of Fortune. Let’s turn it into a game show. This was the idea of the designers of Evolution Gaming when they put this game into development. The game show consists of four numbers (1, 2, 5, 10) and four bonus games. But the question you might ask is: How to play this game?

First, you must place the bet amount on the numbers or the bonus segments. The lively host will then spin the wheel, and if it lands on the same number you bet on, a payout will be given depending on the number. So, if you land 5, the initial bet will be multiplied by 5x and delivered to you. But sometimes, it may just land on the bonus round. So, if you’ve bet on the bonus round and the bonus round spins in, that bonus round will be activated, where you can earn up to x100,000.

Live Blackjack Party

Another notable entry in the Blackjack category is Live Blackjack Party. The EGR Game of the Year Award 2022 winner is based on the traditional game of Blackjack. It has the same standardised 52 deck and almost the same 21-hand rules, but how does this game differ?

As the name suggests, it is more like a party game where different players can join the fun to interact with each other and make the better wins more enjoyable and possible. This means players can interact with each other and the live dealer using the chat function.

Another big difference would be the availability of side bets. Side bets are optional bets that players can place on specific outcomes, such as whether the player will get Blackjack or the dealer will have Blackjack.

Monopoly Live

Monopoly Live is the third entry in the Wheel of Fortune game. This shows their Wheel of Fortune games are easy to play and earn. But let’s cut to the chase: The game has 54 segments divided into four numbers (1, 2, 5, 10) along with two chance segments, two 2 Rolls segments, two 4 Rolls segments, and a Monopoly Bonus segment. The gameplay is just like the other games. You select either the numbers or bonus rounds. And when a number lands correspondingly, you will be paid out.

But if the wheel lands on the Monopoly Bonus Round, all the players who decided to land on Mr. Monopoly will be transferred to a virtual 3D Monopoly game. The dealer will roll the dice independently, and Mr. Monopoly will earn cash prizes or multipliers for you as he moves along the board.

Deal or No Deal Live

The famous UK Television Game show Inspires Deal or No Deal Live By Evolution Gaming. In this game, you bet on 16 briefcases containing the highest amount of money. The live dealer then opens briefcases individually, revealing the amount of cash inside. As you play the game, there will be fewer and fewer briefcases left. The dealer will offer you money to stop playing. You will be left with two briefcases when the game enters its final stages. Now, at this point, you must select one, where the suitcase you choose will declare your winning.

Lightning Dice

Like Lightning Roulette, the Lightning Dice carries the same concept but with dice. It follows the traditional dice games but adds the excitement of Lightning Multipliers. The game is easy to play, even for beginners new to gambling. It consists of three dice, and you can bet in two ways. You can bet on the sum of all three dice, and the end will be compared to your guessed number. Or bet on the dice individually; you win if any dice roll those numbers.

When you decide your faith, the live dealer will act by rolling the dice. Then, a random lightning multiplier will be applied to one or more numbers. So, if the multiplier lands on the numbers you predicted, you will be rewarded with the same multiplier. The multipliers offered by Lightning Dice can range from 2x to 1000x. Like every other game, the lower the numbers you bet on, the higher the probability of winning.

Why Should You Play Evolution Gaming?

There are a lot of reasons why one should trust Evolution Gaming with their money, but the top three reasons are:

1. A Trusted Brand

Evolution Gaming is a trusted brand for many reasons, including authorization. They are authorised by 14 standard-regulation gambling authorities from all over the world. Besides licensing, the platform is financially stable as the company is listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm stock exchange, which means they never hesitate to disclose their financial performance to the public. Last but not least, the company has served over 17 years of providing live casino games, and significantly fewer people can say they didn’t like the experience.

2. Extensive Gaming Library

Why is it that once a customer gets into Evolution Gaming, they never get to leave? The reason is their vast gaming library. Not only do they provide an extensive range of game types, but they also have endless variants of each game type. This makes it a one-stop platform for everyone, as there is always more than enough.

3. Value For Money (Realistic Gameplay)

The third reason is that this platform adds value to your money. When you are gambling away your money, hoping to win big, at least you should expect a good (above average) RTP, professional dealers, real-time interaction, and realistic gameplay. The games of Evolution Gaming are genuine, providing high-quality video and audio streaming. For most games, there is an option to change to different cameras for more realistic gameplay so that you can keep an eagle eye on the dealer.

How To Play Evolution Gaming on BK8?

Before we get into How to Play Evolution Games On BK8, let’s discuss why BK8 is important. BK8 Casino is a leading online casino in Southeast Asia, focusing on Singaporean players. Licensed by Curacao Gaming Authority, it ensures fair and secure gameplay, with generous promotions and bonuses on different games. It has 24/7 customer support with a high focus on mobile gaming. These reasons should be enough for you to choose BK8, especially as a Southeast Asian and Singaporean.

Now that you have decided to play Evolution Gaming on BK8, let’s talk about further details:

Step 1:

The process begins when you enter the BK8 main website. You must access the menu to select “casinos” in the new tab.

Step 2:

Locate and click ” Casinos ” inside the menu options.”

Step 3:

If you encounter difficulties accessing the menu, scroll down to the bottom of the website’s page and find the “Casinos” option under the “Games” section. Click on “Casinos” from there.

Step 4:

Afterward, on the subsequent page, locate and select “Evolution Gaming.” This action will provide you with a comprehensive list of all the currently available “Evolution Games” you can enjoy playing.


It won’t be wrong to say that Evolution Gaming is the pioneer of everything surrounding Live Casino Games. They offer players fun games with a high chance of winning big. They currently have more than 100 games available. Knowing the gameplay features and how to bet effectively can help you greatly enjoy Evolution Gaming.