The Latest Online Fishing Game by SpadeGaming: Alien Hunter

The Latest Online Fishing Game by SpadeGaming Alien Hunter

Fishing games are becoming more popular among online gamers than ever. This is understandable as the gaming category features appealing graphics, exciting gameplay, and huge rewards. Thus, it’s a perfect gaming option for most players who love entertainment and straightforward wins. In the fishing game category, several fishing-themed games have been developed since its introduction. However, not many games are as spectacular as the Alien Hunter.

SpadeGaming is the brain behind the famous fishing game, which entails hunters going on a mission to a discovered planet. During the gameplay, the hunter will find out that the planet is a hunting space for two distinct alien groups that have been fighting each other for several generations. Every Alien Hunter gamer is charged with the responsibility of helping the hunters complete their mission by fighting off the aliens. With successful gameplay, the player gets to be rewarded at the hunter headquarter. If you want to know more about the game, including features, symbols, etc., find everything you need in this article. Enjoy reading!

Alien Hunter Online Fishing Game Symbols and Payouts

Alien Hunter Online Fishing Game: Symbols and Payouts

Similar to most fish shooting games, Alien Hunter features a couple of symbols, representing various animals and offering specific payout. As a player, it’s imperative to shoot the animals and wait for the rewards. It’s worth noting that players do not always get a reward. Also, every attempt will cost you the chosen amount of money.

One of the basic symbols is the little mouse. This is the lowest-paying symbol that pays twice the bet staked. Blue squirrel and deer both appear in the list of symbols that follow this one. When all of the symbols are added together, you get the reward. If you manage to land the horse, it pays fourteen times the overall bet. Even more rewarding is the zebra that pays 16 times the overall bet.

There are other symbols such as the wild boar, purple jaguar, the tiger, the beaver, the elephant, and the creepy alien. While the wild boar gives 18 times the overall bet, the purple jaguar offers 20 times the overall bet. The lion multiplies the overall bet by 30 times and 60 times. With a beaver, the overall bet is multiplied 40 and 80 times. If the player manages to pull up an elephant, it offers 50 and 100 times the overall bet. Any player can win massively with a creepy alien that offers 50 and 500 times the overall bet.

Aside from the basic symbols, several special symbols are also available. Fallen hunter is the most valuable that offers 888 times the total bet. Players need to know that while some of the special symbols offer rewards, others do not.

Alien Hunter Online Fishing Game: Features

During the gameplay, players get access to some special tools that help during the hunting. This includes “target” that helps shoot only the targeted creature and “auto” for auto-targeting creatures when they appear on the screen. There are also “double” and “torch.” While the former helps double the bullets and damage, the latter burns the creatures for higher effects.

Aside from the symbols, there are four creatures that offer special bonuses to players, including Xeno killer, Turbo blasters, Bladehound, and Bio crawler. Xeno killer drops infinite rewards while the Bio crawler helps poisons and terminates creatures close to it. The second one offers a return of up to 100 times the stake. However, a player needs to shoot the egg to free the crawler. A Turbo blaster gives out 30 to 100 free bullets. Also, the bullets feature improved damage, which helps get additional prizes. As for the Bladehound, it releases a shuriken and slices all that comes into its path. This also enables the player to shoot more than a single creature. Additionally, it offers up to 80 times the overall bet.

Alien Hunter Online Fishing Game Game types and more

Alien Hunter Online Fishing Game: Game types and more

During the gameplay, there are three difficulty levels that can be conquered by players. The ability to switch between single and double-shot cannons allows you to succeed regardless of your skill level. Also, you can use a “torch” to burn down creatures. Recently, there is a new “Buy Feature” that players can use to score higher.

As you play on, you will encounter three different boss types. They include titan engineer, alien invader, and stealth hunter. Each challenge offers different rewards. For titan engineer, players get bonus wheel reward while alien invader reveals its true form for a more significant reward. Stealth hunter defeat helps grow the rewards.

There is more. With the “Buy Feature,” players get an improved hunting experience. In this case, the Rogue Warrior, Landmine, and Thermal Blaze show up and instantly terminate creatures. This gives instant rewards and prizes such as a locked-on target, special warriors with a sword, and three landmines. Keep in mind that players may choose to fire targets automatically by choosing them. You may also automate the shooting, change between single and double bullet shots, or burn down particular regions. Right-side buttons allow for this.


Undoubtedly, Alien Hunter offers remarkable and rewarding entertainment. Every single session spent gaming the famous online fishing game worth the buck as players get to win something, regardless of the experience. Also, by playing the fish shooting game on lucrative online betting sites such as BK8 online casino Singapore, you stand a chance of harnessing superb bonuses and promotions. With the rewards, bonuses, and special features, Alien Hunter stands as one of the exciting online fishing games to make quick money. Enjoy gaming!!!