Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Is BK8 Legal in Singapore?
BK8 is a legit online casino Singapore, and business is authorised and regulated by the Curacao Government and operated under the Gaming Services Company Master License. Currently, BK8 provides advanced online casino services such as:
  • Slot Machine Games
  • Online Live Dealer Casino
  • Sports Betting Casino
  • Lottery
  • 3D Games
  • And so much more!
All players are expected to experience truly exciting and remarkable online entertainment with appealing rewards, sales, best discounts, and reward programs.
How can I create an account at BK8 in Singapore?
Open your Chrome and just visit the website BK8 Once you are on the website, click the JOIN button, and you will be guided on how to make an account. You will play all the fascinating games at the online casino in just a few seconds.
What are the currencies accepted in BK8?
The following are the current currencies we are accepting at BK8:
  • Singapore Dollar (SGD)
  • Malaysian Ringgit (MYR)
  • Thai Baht (THB)
  • Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)
  • Vietnamese Dong (VND)

My Account

How can I open my BK8 account?
Good for you because the online casino Singapore made it fast, easy, and straightforward for all users to open their accounts. On the home page of their site, click the JOIN button at your screen’s top right corner. You’ll be then redirector to the registration section. Make sure you add the following details when opening an account:
  • Username – Ensure you create a unique username that you’ll be using to enter the website
  • Password – You will be required to create a password between 8-10 characters wide, composed of numbers and letters. Luckily, this is not very case-sensitive. Just take note to keep your password private.
  • Full name – Ensure you include a correct, complete name for payment authentication purposes.
  • Date of Birth – For verification purposes, make sure you add your real date of birth.
  • Contact Number – Kindly present a valid phone number for better security and support of your account.
  • Currency – Add the currency you like to utilize for removing or depositing and wagering.
Note, you should agree to make an account at or above the age of 18. Always accept the terms and conditions provided.
What should I do when a password error happens?
For situations like password error, you need to verify to ensure your password is entered correctly. Remember it should be at least 8-10 characters, two or three of which should be in numbers. If not solved, feel free to get in touch with our customer chat support team.
How can I ensure my details is secure with BK8?
Our Singapore online casino is designed with your security and privacy in mind. BK8 is regulated and doesn’t show your private information by using the highest data protection requirements to any third party unless it’s authorized to do so under relevant regulations or laws or through a court order. What’s more, our Singapore online casino keeps the right to disclose and pass the sensitive information to our respective payment settlement for services rendered by our website. Take note that every personal info presented by you will be sent through the Secure Socket Layer and stored in a secure operating setting, which can’t be accessed by the public. In short, there’s a strict and restricted control of every internal access to every data.
Should I be worried about my account safety?
Would you like to get complete validity? Then you’ll need to enter proper information like Email Address, Banking Information, Update Profile, or Phone Number. Before you register out, please ensure that your contact and email address is right. You can also get in touch with our Live Support team, especially if you wish to update your phone number or email address before the verification request is delivered.
How can I deposit?
You are only a step away from placing your bets in our Singapore online casino. Hence, you’ll need to finance your account through the following options:
  • Account transfer to your central bank account
  • FastPay
Did you know that BK8 is the ultimate option for quick crediting of funds to your account? Feel free to utilize the deposit options mentioned above. We don’t consider any deposit by bank draft or cheque as a deposit form. Bank transfer is also a deposit service accessible from Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam. The transfer will be immediately processed and reflected in the Main Wallet once the bank gets the funds.
How are the processes of withdrawal?
Withdrawing your funds is very quick and simple. You can withdraw your funds from your BK8 account through the available bank withdrawal options. Take note that bank transfer is also open to all registered members from the following regions:
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • Thailand
  • Indonesia
  • Vietnam
Further, members can ask for withdrawals to be paid straight to their bank account. Would you like to request a withdrawal? You can easily do so by clicking BANK under the Withdrawal menu. Put the amount you like to withdraw and present your bank account details. Bear in mind that your fund can be accessed through a bank account statement in your BK8 accounts. Members may also be obliged to add easily recognizable photos of their bank statement, ID, or a copy of their photographic ID.
How long should I wait before I get the money?
Any information you want us to send should follow the BK8 withdrawal policy. Any request must be presented to our approved processing team. Pre-processing will take at least 25 minutes. The processing time will vary on the bank.
Do you have charges for deposit and withdrawal?
Fortunately, we don’t bill our users for any deposits made to their accounts, as well as withdrawals. Nonetheless, most credit cards, e-wallets, and selected banks may have extra transaction charges that won’t be absorbed by our online casino Singapore. Feel free to check the transaction fees first with your selected bank for better information.
What does wallet suggest?
We have different types of wallets: Main and Products. The former shows the total sum you can withdraw to the fund betting transactions through different banking methods. Both newly-winning deposits are adjusted to that balance. The latter is accessible for providers or product betting.


How can I join a promotion?
Our promotion can be sent to your inbox or SMS. Feel free to check out our Promotions page to learn the different available promotions or ask our customer team for further details.

Cash rebates

What is a cash rebate?
This is entitled to selected games for every member of BK8. This depends on their total daily wage in slots, lottery, sports, and live dealer casinos? T&C Promotions will apply.
How does it work?
Cash rebates for every commodity accessible for the member will be identified based on turnover entitlement. It would be dependent on the regular cumulative amount the player wagered on the refund eligibility. The program will run a refund estimate for every player and be accredited by the following day. The stake calculation cut-off is 23:59:59 (GMT +8).
Do you have turnover requirements? I want to withdraw.
No. Feel free to contact our customer service team for further queries.
How can I check my rebates?
Login to your account and click DEPOSIT. Go to HISTORY and select REBATE/CASHBACK AND TIME.


What play options are available?
The options available for play on BK8 are:


I can’t log in to my account. What should I do?
Make sure you log in from an unrestricted region. Ensure you also clear your cache or cookies and close the browser. After that, try again and open your browser. If the authentication is still not successful, you can recheck that the right details have been entered and try again. If all else fails, get in touch with our customer support team.
How technically safe is your system?
  • Security against data breach – A firewall always secures our servers. Physical protection
  • Physical protection – Our servers are put in highly secured facilities, where security clearance must be checked for every staff.
  • Data integrity – We encrypt every BK8 communication between our user’s browsers and our servers.
What is compatibility?
For optimal website user, make sure your screen is set to or higher than 1020 x 768. Use Adobe Flash 9.0.115 or a later version to see if you have an acceptable Adobe Flash Player version. When it comes to Internet Explorer’s full version, we recommend using a higher version to have complete IE browser use. We are grateful to present you with a newer version of Windows or IE applications for a working version of the app to be used on all your PCs. We genuinely apologize for the hassle this change has caused. We’ll try to work on this concern in the future.
I have more questions. How do I contact you?
If you have more queries that aren’t discussed on this page, feel free to get in touch with our customer service live chat team. We are available 24×7 for all your concerns.