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Following the introduction of multiple famous sports games into sports betting, every bettor became excited with the endless chances of betting. However, as of then, not many knew that things would even get better with esports. In a country like Singapore that serves as an abode to hundreds of top betting sites, esports is already a booming betting category with millions of patrons within and outside Asia. BK8 stands as the most reliable online casino Singapore platform offering various esports betting services to gamers worldwide. With the development of more popular mass online battle arena games in particular; DOTA 2, League of Legends, etc., esports have become more competitive than ever. More young individuals are becoming interested in video game betting. Aside from being a competitive and entertaining betting category, esports betting is highly rewarding. Most top online betting households are able to provide various betting markets for a single esports game. Fortunately, a couple of esports game providers are available. Hence, patrons can choose from various sources, different games, and preferred betting options. Besides, reliable Singapore online casinos such as BK8 works with the most reputable provider of esports betting, IM Esports. For many years, the famous game supplier has been delivering esports betting with excellent performance. Also, BK8 ensures players’ confidentiality and financial records are kept safe. Also, playing on BK8 means you are eligible for multiple bonuses and promotions that increase your chances of winning. Undoubtedly, online esports betting in Singapore is entertaining and rewarding when engaged in a trusted Singapore online casino.

Best Singapore Online Esports Betting

IM Esports is a proud supplier of esports games on BK8. The famous brand deals with esports gaming and betting options. By choosing to play on IM Esports, you’ll find all your favorite games within a single space. Besides, IM Esports provide games with tournaments. Hence, you get to spend time playing against your friends or other top players worldwide. It is of no gainsaying that IM Esports is the biggest online Esports betting site in Singapore – and unsurprisingly, the number one sportsbook provider in Asia. IM Esports ensure convenient and comfortable gaming via its mobile gaming app. Whether you are an iPhone user or an Android user, the IM Esports app can be downloaded via Apple App Store or Google Play Store, respectively. If you have ever had to use the IM Esports app, you would have noticed the clean app structure and user-friendly interface. With the app, a first-timer can engage in esports betting without assistance. Additionally, the IM Esports app comes with the best gaming app features among its contemporaries.

Live Esports Betting Games

BK8 patrons gaming on IM Esports has access to special combo markets. Furthermore, you do not have to face low bet caps. By patronizing IM Esports, you get to enjoy various popular games. For instance, CSGO Betting is one of the most engaged first-person shooter games. The esports game is available on IM Esports alongside League of Legends, DOTA 2, PUBG, and others. IM Esports is special because it offers a vast combo market. Currently, IM Esports have, arguably, the most in-play matches and markets for esports betting. Whether you want to relish obscure shooter games, indie games, or first-person shooter games, sign up with BK8 and access IM Esports. As suggested earlier, IM Esports is the best when it comes to the gaming range. The popular provider offers the maximum bet limit in Singapore and outside the region. With IM Esports, you can bet as high as you want if you are confident in your betting prowess and outcome. IM Esports lets you start reaching for the sky.


DOTA2 is the sequal version of the mass multiplayer game DOTA. It was originally named Defense of the Ancients. It is available on the Warcraft III classic game. Since its introduction, DOTA 2 has become a fan favorite globally. Hence, some experienced players consider it as the most popular competitive game in Asia and beyond. Apparently, DOTA 2 changed patron’s perception about the online gaming community as more people are more opened to esports betting. DOTA 2 betting is fun and rewarding. Like a chess game, every player needs to perform teamwork, exercise mind games, and be resourceful to claim victory. With a single win, you can leave with a massive payout.


Hardly will you find a more competitive first-person shooter game than CSGO in the esports betting industry. From the earliest days of the game industry, CSGO has been around. It is a challenging game that demands accuracy, reflexes, and communication. As a player, you’ll need to work together with your teammates to win the game. In recent times, one of the most viewed games on Twitch is CSGO. However, it is mostly rivaled by another esports betting game, DOTA 2. While betting on CSGO, you can place your bet on different options, including player’s kills, player’s deaths, accuracy, and bomb defusing.


For those who are enthused about the online battle royal game, here is an esports betting game for you. In one PUBG game, close to 100 players can join and play for about 30 minutes. When it comes to gameplay, the massive game is hugely versatile. Thus, it is understandable to see many patrons viewing PUBG as the most famous esports gamer. In reality, its fame is being challenged by various new battle royal games. However, so far, the game is still one of the top 10 viewed games on Twitch. From challenging gameplay, unpredictability, special loot system, and immersive gaming experience, hardly will you find a patron who doesn’t appreciate the esports game.

League of Legends (LOL)

Here is another massive online battle arena game on an online casino Singapore platform. When given a closer look, DOTA 2 and LOL have similar rules of engagement. However, the aesthetics values and mechanics differ. League of Legends offers fresh gaming that can be addictive. Clearly, LOL is not as popular as DOTA 2, but it commands thousands of viewers on every gaming session with multiple bets.

Singapore Online Esports Betting Promotions

While esports betting is the major selling point for IM Esports, the famous esports game providers get engagement in other ways. IM Esports provides excellent content about esports gaming on their page. In fact, patrons get localized news about happenings in terms of an esports team. Also, the IM Esports page offer news on the latest tournament. In this way, players don’t get to miss out on upcoming betting windows. With the esports matchup reviews for each game, players can conduct informed analysis for the next game to make a better prediction. When you join the IM Esports family, instantly, Esports betting promotions will be made available to you. This is available on BK8 and IM Esports pages only. After your first deposit with IM Esports, there is a chance to claim free betting credits alongside a welcome bonus and first deposit promotion from BK8. As you make more deposits into your account, additional free credits will be given to you. Furthermore, IM Esports offers support to patrons to limit losses by providing intellectual risk management help. This is particularly helpful for those who are new to online esports betting. With the IM Esports app, players can access a bet risk and odds. By so doing, you have more chances of winning a game. Thus, IM Esports ensures players can engage in betting with peace of mind and a desire for entertainment. Also, the famous esports betting provider offers advanced live betting and score management protocols. These systems help smoothen the esports betting process flow. If you seek an avenue for easy betting, then you want to start dealing with IM Esports. Overall, hardly will you find a better esports betting platform that offers matchup review, betting odds, score updates, or game analysis than IM Esports. Convenience and accessibility are guaranteed when you bet with a famous brand. Simply download the IM Esports app on Google Play Store or Apple Play Store to start enjoying premium esports betting service. Whether you would like to bet on CSGO, DOTA 2, PUBG, or League of Legends, BK8, and IM Esports ensure that you don’t just play to win; you play and get entertained.
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