Tiger- 2023 Chinese Zodiac for Good Luck

Tiger - Zodiac 2023

Hong Kong Feng Shui Expert: Mak Ling Ling
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Overall Luck

Stepping into the Year of the Rabbit, thanks to the impact of the Tai Sui, the fortune gradually stabilized, which can be regarded as a year of re-development, but there has been no auspicious star to settle in, and everything will proceed step by step.


The Year of the Rabbit got rid of the impact of [Natal Year/本命年], and the overall wealth fortune will be relatively stable, but there is no auspicious star or fortune star, and the borrowed [Yuede/月德] Noble Star has only about 30% of its power, and it belongs to the triad of dragon zodiac. It also belongs to [Offending the Tai Sui/犯太岁], and it is difficult to protect oneself, so the assistance is not obvious. In 2023, you still need to do it yourself, and you can only fight alone.


Tigers will not receive auspicious stars in 2023, and the [Guoyin/国印] and [Yuede/月德] borrowed from the opposite sign of Monkey are weak, and the story industry fortune is only slightly improved, and the title and power and responsibility may be increased, but the salary increase is not obvious. Although there is a little help from noble people, the relationship with the boss is still good, but the subordinates in the management team are in a good mood, and everything needs to be supervised more to avoid the other party’s carelessness and mistakes that will affect the work performance. In addition, when the [Moyue/陌越] evil star comes, if you have changed jobs last year, you will still feel extremely stressed when facing the unfamiliar environment and new personnel style. Mood, humbly ask seniors for advice, and face new challenges with an optimistic and positive attitude.


Those who belong to the tiger have experienced the [passing year/关口年] emotionally, and the year of the rabbit will be a year to start again. If you have already got married in [Natal Year/本命年], you may consider adding a child to continue the festive fortune. As for those who have just experienced a breakup in the Year of the Tiger, they can also start again in the Year of the Rabbit, and the relationship in the new year will improve slightly compared to the Year of the Tiger. With frequent social activities and a little help from noble people, there is a chance to meet the person you like. As for those who belong to [Old couples/老夫老妻], in the Year of the Rabbit, it is easy to have differences of opinion due to family members or elders. You need to be honest with each other in everything, and pay more attention to the relationship between mother-in-law, daughter-in-law and sister-in-law.


In 2023, the health of tigers will not be seriously affected, but you should still be careful of joint injuries in the year that is in conjunction with Tai Sui, and you should not participate in high-intensity sports, and you must pay special attention even when doing housework. Since the Year of the Rabbit is ruled by the inauspicious stars [Disease Talisman/病符] and [Death God/亡神], there will be more trivial problems such as colds, colds, throat or skin allergies. It is recommended that people who belong to the Tiger should work and rest regularly and establish a regular life pattern.

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Chinese Zodiac Tiger Lucky Tips

  • In the year of re-development, slow down and be conservative in everything.
  • [Moyue/陌越] Xing Fei is coming, you need to pay attention to personal emotions and mental pressure.
  •  Avoid participating in high-risk activities, and pay attention to the direction where the sick star is coming.
  • The spirit is easy to be nervous, it is advisable to wear white crystal or tea crystal to stabilize the mood.
  • Proactively donating medicine and medicine and spending more on health care and fortune will help stabilize fortune.

Zodiac Fortune in Different Years

1998: Year of Wuyin/戊寅年 (Age 26)

Due to the coincidence of the year pillars, the year of the Rabbit has a fluctuating fortune, especially emotionally it belongs to the [pass year/关口年]. If there is a traditional happy event, it will be considered stable. Otherwise, you should beware of changes in your relationship with people around you. If there are no divorced couples after the Year of the Tiger [Natal Year/本命年], you may consider starting a family in the Year of the Rabbit. As for those who are married in the Year of the Tiger, they may also consider having a baby in the new year to add new members to the family. Those who have experienced separation and separation can also start again, and it is expected to meet the person they like and start a relationship. Due to the impact on family fortune, in the Year of the Rabbit, you should pay more attention to the health of your elders, and be careful when getting along with your family members, so as not to hurt your harmony due to personal emotions. In the Year of the Rabbit, the home may also be disturbed by noise or water leakage. If there is relocation, decoration or repair, it will be most suitable, and it is expected to improve luck. There is no serious health problem, but you should pay attention to skin and gastrointestinal problems, and try to avoid contact with allergens in food or daily necessities.

1986: Year of Bingyin/丙寅年 (Age 38)

There is room for improvement in career, especially for migrant workers. However, the work is difficult and the mental pressure is high. It is not the best time to change jobs. It is recommended to stick to the post, work quietly and wait for opportunities. Entrepreneurs should also stick to their original business scope and not venture into new projects. In the Year of the Rabbit, you should also pay special attention to the terms and conditions before signing documents and contracts. It is not advisable to ask customers for credit or guarantee loans. In case of doubt, you can also consult professionals to avoid careless mistakes and incurring losses.

1974: Year of Jiayin/甲寅年 (Age 50)

Stepping into the false age of 50, which is the traditional [bad year/厄年], the fortune will have more ups and downs, and those born in the Jiayin year will also rethink their career direction. However, it is always a critical year. Even if changes are made, it is advisable to proceed gradually. If there is an internal transfer or job change, you may wish to try it. However, you must be particularly cautious when getting involved in unfamiliar industries. The Year of the Rabbit is also prone to anxiety and anxiety. Fortunately, there are plenty of noble people to help. When facing unfamiliar work areas, you may wish to seek help from your former boss, and you may also humbly ask your seniors for advice and exchange experiences with them. As for the family, you need to spend more time caring about the health of your elders, and accompany them to seek medical treatment immediately if you feel unwell.

1962: Year of Jinyin/壬寅年 (Age 62)

Wealth luck is prone to wear and tear, and financial management strategies need to be particularly conservative. It is not advisable to make major decisions or engage in high-risk speculation, so as not to lose money innocently. Fortunately, your study luck is going well, and you still have the energy to develop new interests and research new things in the Year of the Rabbit. You may wish to enroll in painting, calligraphy, photography and other interesting courses, and you are expected to perform well. There is no serious health problem, but you should pay attention to gastrointestinal and digestive system problems, and try to eat as light as possible. You should also pay attention to bladder and kidney problems, and seek medical advice immediately if you feel unwell.