Snake – 2023 Chinese Zodiac for Good Luck

Snake Zodiac 2023


Hong Kong Feng Shui Expert: Mak Ling Ling
Guest: dianatsl

Overall Luck

People of the zodiac snake will have the blessing of the auspicious star [Yi Ma/驿马] in 2023 [it is better to move than to be still/宜动不宜静] and going out more will bring prosperity. However, the power of the inauspicious star impacts the luck of the house, so it is advisable to renovate the furniture or carry out [Shi Guan/施棺] to do good deeds and accumulate blessings.


After getting rid of the impact of the Year of the Tiger [Offending the Tai Sui/犯太岁], those who belong to the Snake will have no conflicts or harmony in the Year of the Rabbit, so the overall wealth development will be relatively stable. However, in the Year of the Rabbit, only [Yi Ma/驿马] and [Tian Yi/天乙] noble auspicious stars are stationed, and there has never been a big fortune star, so it is not appropriate to expect a rapid increase in wealth luck, it needs to be done step by step.

In addition, since there is an auspicious star of [Yi Ma/驿马], the investment strategy for the new year should also take the international market as the main premise, and the goals and vision can be spread across the world.


In the year of [Gui Mao/癸卯], there is a [Yi Ma/驿马] auspicious star flying, this star means non-stop, if the industry you are engaged in is highly mobile and requires frequent walking, the Year of the Rabbit can flex its muscles in the workplace, so migrant workers may wish to take the initiative to fight for it. For business trip opportunities, businessmen should also focus on overseas markets, which is expected to bring prosperity and career development.

In addition, in the Year of the Rabbit, there will also be an auspicious star [Tian Yi/天乙] stationed there. This star is a powerful noble star, and the elders will be of certain help to the Snake. As for those who plan to switch jobs, the new year is also a suitable year for implementation.

However, in the new year there will be no wealth stars. Although the title and powers and responsibilities may be slightly improved, it is not appropriate to expect a large salary adjustment. It is recommended to regard the Year of the Rabbit as a year of hard work to lay a solid foundation for future career.


In the past Year of the Tiger, affected by [Yin Si Xing/寅巳刑], Snake people tended to have a more irritable temper, ups and downs, frequent disputes with people around them, and deadlocked relations between the two parties.

In the Year of the Rabbit, you will get rid of the negative power of [Offending the Tai Sui/犯太岁], and get along with your partner more harmoniously, but there will always be the evil star [Gu Chen] in the Lord, which is not conducive to peach blossoms. Fortunately. Friends who belong to the snake still have the blessing of [Tian Yi/天乙] noble auspicious star, and their interpersonal relationship has improved quite a lot.

If single people are eager to [be in relationship/脱单], they may wish to use the introductions of elders or friends around them to see if they can meet the opposite sex and start a relationship. In addition, the auspicious star [Yi Ma/驿马] means that marriages in different places will develop more in the Year of the Rabbit.


In the new year, [Gu Chen/孤辰] enters the lord, and under this asterism, Snake people may feel depressed from time to time. It is recommended to get in touch with nature more or do yoga, Tai Chi, and other exercises to reduce stress. In addition, in the Year of the Rabbit, there is a [Yi Ma/驿马] flying around, so you often have to go out for a walk.

The so-called “three-point risk for sailing and horse racing/行船跑马三分险”, you should pay more attention to the weather changes at the destination before departure and take care of your personal belongings after you go out. At the same time, it is not suitable to participate in climbing. In high-risk outdoor activities such as mountain climbing, rock climbing, and diving, safety is the top priority in everything.

At the same time, under the influence of [De Sang/地丧] and [Sang Men/丧门], people who belong to the snake need to pay more attention to the health of their home and elders, so as to avoid mourning and filial piety. It is suggested to do more donations to doctors and medicines or “gifting coffins/施棺” for charity, or to decorate or replace furniture for the elders’ homes to suppress fleeting illnesses.

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Chinese Zodiac Snake Lucky Tips

*[Yi Ma/驿马] If you want to make money, you should go out more or expand overseas markets.

*Leadership ability is easy to be recognized, and it will be better developed by doing it yourself.

*The powerful noble star [Tian Yi/天乙] is stationed, and the help of the elders is especially prosperous, so it is advisable to seize the opportunity.

*The home is unstable, so it is advisable to do a small amount of decoration for the home and pay more attention to the health of the elders.

* Pay attention to stress and emotional management, you can wear tea crystals to resolve negative thoughts.

Zodiac Fortune in Different Years

Year 2001: Year of Xin Si/辛巳年 (Age 23)

Interpersonal relationships are mediocre, and conflicts with friends are prone to conflicts due to verbal misunderstandings, and more communication and patience are needed. There will be more disputes when getting along with family members in the new year. It is recommended to listen to the opinions of the elders and understand the position of the other party more, and not to be too paranoid.

In the Year of the Rabbit, you should also learn more about financial management and live within your means so as not to make ends meet. Fortunately, the Year of the Rabbit has good luck in studying, so you might as well enrol in advanced courses to learn new skills and interests, so as to lay a solid foundation for future career development.

Year 1989: Year of Ji Si/辛巳年 (Age 35)

Both career and wealth are on the rise. Migrant workers are expected to be promoted, especially if they can leave their original place of residence for more development. Therefore, you might as well strive for more opportunities for business trips or travel abroad, which is expected to bring prosperity.

There will also be a good learning movement in the new year. If you have plans for further study, you may wish to implement it, which will also benefit your future career development. However, the Year of the Rabbit has very high personal requirements, heavy work pressure, and easy to affect the quality of sleep. It is recommended to be more patient when facing new work areas, and to face new challenges with a relaxed and normal attitude.

Year 1977: Year of Ding Si/丁巳年 (Age 47)

Affected by [Gui Ding Chong/癸丁冲], it is easy to have eye problems such as vision loss, presbyopia, or inflammation in the new year. If it is not suitable, seek professional diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible. In addition, in the year of [Water and Fire are in opposition/水火相冲], more attention should be paid to heart and blood pressure problems, and more health management is required.

The opposition of the pillars of the year will also have an impact on the home. In the Year of the Rabbit, you need to spend more time caring about the health of the elders. If you have a home or relocate, it will be the most suitable. Otherwise, you can also consider doing a small amount of decoration, repair or replacement of furniture and beds for the elderly’s home. Mattresses, etc., can help improve health.

Year 1965: Year of Yi Si/乙巳年 (Age 59)

The nobleman is lucky and is expected to get opportunities to make money with his network, but it should only be done in a small way, and it is not suitable for large-scale investment or high-risk speculation. In the new year, family members and friends will ask you for financial loans. It is suggested that you should only do what you can, and should not exceed the scope of your ability, so as to avoid the other party’s refusal and being implicated.

In addition, in the Year of the Rabbit, you should pay special attention before signing documents and contracts, so as not to cause careless mistakes and cause trouble. Health luck is relatively stable, just pay attention to slight neuralgia, old shoulder, or joint problems.