Rooster – 2023 Chinese Zodiac for Good Luck

Hong Kong Feng Shui Expert: Mak Ling Ling
Guest: alice_sweii

Overall Luck

[Chong Tai Sui/冲太岁] The fortune is changeable in the year, and there is no auspicious star in the fleeting year. If you need to do it yourself, you must also prevent financial loss and damage to interpersonal relationships.


In the year of [Chong Tai Sui/冲太岁], the wealth luck has been quite ups and downs, and with the [Great Consumption/大耗] evil star ruling, it is inevitable that there will be more unexpected expenses in the new year. It is recommended that Rooster people need to plan their financial management direction as soon as possible. However, if there are plans for marriage, childbirth, and property purchase in the year of the conflict, it can be regarded as [Broken Joy and Fortune/破欢喜财], which will help alleviate the negative power of [Chong Tai Sui/冲太岁]. In addition, due to the inauspicious star of [Langan/栏干], businessmen should be mentally prepared to increase income and reduce expenditure, and accumulate grain to prevent hunger.


In the year of Guimao, you will be eager to change your working environment, and migrant workers may even have the idea of ​​starting a business. Although it is true that you need to take the initiative to seek changes in your career during the year that is in opposition to Tai Sui, it is still a [violating the Tai Sui/犯太岁], and you should not act rashly in everything. In addition, those who belong to the rooster in the Year of the Rabbit have the inauspicious star of [Langan/栏干], which represents difficulties. It is recommended to think twice before making changes. The ideal is to apply for internal transfer, change positions or seek opportunities for business trips, move more or leave the usual place of residence. development will be most appropriate. As for those who insist on resigning, it is recommended to implement it in the second half of the year, and must sign a new job before resigning from the original position, so as to avoid the situation of [two ends fail to land/两头不到岸].


The year of conflict is the emotional [passing year/关口年], and the relationship with the partner needs to undergo changes. If the couple has a marriage plan in the Year of the Rabbit, the impact can be mitigated. However, in the process of organizing the wedding, it is also necessary to have a clear division of labor, and be more tolerant and forgiving, so as to avoid disagreements between the two parties. As for those who do not plan to go further in the relationship, they are prone to separation and reunion, and need to be careful to maintain the relationship. In addition, married people also have frequent disputes with their spouse, 【Maoyou Chong/卯酉冲】also represents rotten peach blossoms, it is not advisable to be too enthusiastic about people in the new year, so as not to trigger a triangle relationship. Although the single family still has love, but the relationship is always relatively short-lived. It is recommended to spend more time to observe and understand after getting acquainted with the opposite sex, and it is not advisable to fall into the relationship too quickly.


In the year that coincides with the fleeting Tai Sui [it is better to move than to be still/宜动不宜静], if you can go out more, your fortune will be more stable. However, the Year of the Rabbit is always affected by [Gold and Wood Restraint/金木相克], you need to pay more attention to joint injuries such as waist, knees, hands and feet, and it is not suitable for high-strength sports, especially high-risk activities such as mountain climbing, rock climbing, water skiing, and skiing can be avoided. Even if you insist on participating, you must go with experienced people to avoid extreme joy and sorrow. Drivers should beware of minor car collisions, pay attention to road conditions at all times, and rely on safety in everything. Since the health is not stable, it is suggested that the Rooster should have a thorough physical examination at the end of the Year of the Tiger. Take evil spirits and put more auspicious decorations, wear snake-shaped and ox-shaped zodiac ornaments next to your body, actively spend on health care products or acupuncture and health care courses, and do more good deeds of donating medicine and medicine. Remember that you can get through it safely if you are cautious in everything 【Chong Tai Sui/冲太岁】year.

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Chinese Zodiac Rooster Lucky Tips

  • 【Chong Tai Sui/冲太岁】The impact is relatively large, so it is advisable to wear ox-shaped and snake-shaped zodiac ornaments next to your body.
  • 【Great Consumption/大耗】It is easy to lose money when you enter the owner, so it is suitable to place cornucopia feng shui items at home.
  • Pay attention to the fleeting five yellow calamity stars and the two black disease stars flying to the position, and place heavy bronze objects to dissolve them.
  • At the end of the Year of the Tiger, a physical examination should be done first. At the beginning of the Year of the Rabbit, it is advisable to donate blood, clean teeth and pay respects to the wife.
  • Health and house transportation are more affected, and the main house movement to renovate or repair the home will help stabilize it.

Zodiac Fortune in Different Years

1993: Year of Guiyou/癸酉年 (Age 31)

In a year when wealth is not stable, businessmen may fall into financial difficulties due to delays in accounts from customers, and migrant workers are also likely to be unable to make ends meet, so they need to manage their money carefully. If there is a plan to marry, have a baby, or buy a home in the new year, it can be regarded as [Broken Joy and Fortune/破欢喜财]. Otherwise, it is necessary to be particularly conservative in investment. It is only suitable to choose medium and long-term projects of three to five years. loss. Married people in the Year of the Rabbit should beware of rotten peach blossoms that could damage their relationship. Couples should also be mentally prepared for frequent disputes. Unless they have plans to get married, they need to spend more time maintaining their relationship.

1981: Year of Xinyou/辛酉年 (Age 43)

The villain is in power, frequent right and wrong tongues, easy to offend others in the workplace, it is not suitable to give advice, and it is not suitable to be a middleman, to make introductions for others, so as not to be in a dilemma due to [doing bad things with good intentions/好心做坏事], and may even become attacked object. Fortunately, the Year of the Rabbit has a smooth academic fortune, so you might as well enroll in interesting courses to learn new skills. Women should pay more attention to gynecological problems, and it is recommended to have routine checkups to be safe.

1969: Year of Jiyou/己酉年 (Age 55)

Although the Year of the Rabbit is a year of opposition, fortunately, there is still room for slight improvement in wealth luck, but only by [making money through movement/动中生财] can it develop. As for those who are still in the workplace, due to the heavy pressure in the new year, there will be job changes or even retirement plans. It is recommended to consider internal transfers or seek more opportunities for business trips, which is expected to improve luck. Otherwise, you need to adjust your mentality and face it easily. . In the Year of the Rabbit, there will be more disputes with people around you, so you need to be more tolerant. In terms of investment strategy, it is advisable to be prudent and conservative, and it is not advisable to get involved in high-risk speculative projects, which are prone to losses.