Rat – 2023 Chinese Zodiac for Good Luck

Rat - Zodiac 2023

Hong Kong Feng Shui Expert: Mak Ling Ling
Guest: jennifer_suicide.j

Overall Luck

The star of the red luan is moving, and the marriage luck of singles is particularly good, but it is easy to [peach blossoms and lose money/桃花破财], so it is not suitable to have money entanglements; those who already have a partner should keep themselves safe and avoid getting involved in a triangle relationship.


【Zi Mao Xing/子卯刑】represents peach blossoms and financial loss. Rat people in the Year of the Rabbit are likely to be dragged down by the opposite sex and suffer financial losses. It is recommended that those who have just started a relationship need to know more about the background of the other party. In addition, due to the prosperous popularity and frequent activities in the Year of the Rabbit, it is inevitable that there will be more expenses for socializing and entertaining. It is recommended that people born with the sign of the Rat be careful with their financial management so as not to make ends meet. Since peach blossoms are interpersonal relationships, and with the blessings of [Tiande/天德] and [Fuxing/福星], it is expected to receive support from new and old customers and increase income. As for the migrant workers with [Lu Xun/禄勋] auspicious stars, there will be promotion and salary adjustment, but they will always be affected by [Offending the Tai Sui/犯太岁], and they are prone to [money coming and going/财来财去], so it is recommended that rat people do more financial management.


In the Year of the Rabbit, blessed by [Tiande/天德] Noble Star and [Red Luan/红鸾] Peach Blossom Star, the individual is radiant. If you are engaged in front-line sales such as insurance and real estate, you can hope to make further progress in your career with the help of the network, and art workers will also There will be fame and luck, so you might as well grasp it actively. However, if the work is mainly internal, there is not much gain, and the interpersonal relationship between colleagues is more complicated, and it is easy to fight openly and secretly, so you need to be cautious in your words and deeds. Fortunately, in 2023 there will still be [Lu Xun/禄勋] auspicious stars, the status and salary of migrant workers will be slightly adjusted, and the overall is still a year of progress. However, under the influence of the evil stars of [Xing Tai Sui/刑太岁], [Juan She/卷舌] and [Jiao Sha/绞煞], it is inevitable to talk right and wrong.


Since [Red Luan/红鸾] and [Xianchi Peach Blossom/咸池桃花] are in the lord, the rat will be the one with the most brilliant peach blossoms among the twelve zodiac signs. However, in the year of [Punishment Tai Sui], it is easy to lose money, even husband and wife should try their best to be financially independent, especially when the other half’s family members and friends have requests for loans, they can only do what they can, so as not to be troubled. Those who already have a partner or are married should not be overly enthusiastic about the opposite sex, otherwise it will easily lead to a triangle relationship. [Red Luan/红鸾] Flying, couples with a stable relationship may wish to consider getting married. Although the single family has a lot of emotions, they have the opportunity to meet rotten love. It is recommended to spend more time to understand the background of the person you like after meeting the person you like, and it is not advisable to fall into the relationship too quickly.


Due to the prosperous peach blossoms and popular popularity in the Year of the Rabbit, some Rat people are more likely to sing songs at night and hang out in places with fireworks. Frequent entertainment makes day and night upside down, physical and mental fatigue, and even lack of rest and overeating. It is recommended that everything should be done in moderation, and the diet should be as light as possible, get more exposure to sunlight and nature, and establish a regular lifestyle. In addition, 【Zi Mao Xing/子卯刑】represents gynecological diseases. Ladies who belong to the Rat should pay more attention to their health in the Year of the Rabbit. If they plan to have a baby, they should follow the tradition and keep the happy event as low-key as possible, and wait until the pregnancy is at least three months old before announcing it to the public. , to avoid variables. 2023 is the year of [Punishing Tai Sui/刑太岁], and there will inevitably be trivial problems. It is recommended that those who belong to the rat have a detailed physical examination at the end of the Year of the Tiger. Ping An ornaments or place more cow-shaped decorations on the table.

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Chinese Zodiac Rat Lucky Tips

  • [Red Luan/红鸾] The auspicious star is in charge, and the Nine Purple Stars will help the relationship blossom and bear fruit.
  • Your fortune is prosperous, and you should use your network to develop your career if you are engaged in front-line sales.
  • If peach blossoms are flourishing, beware of triangular relationships, and it is not advisable to have financial entanglements with the opposite sex.
  • Wealth luck fluctuates, businessmen should increase income and reduce expenditure, and accumulate grain to prevent hunger.
  • Tai Sui is a punishment, after the beginning of spring, it is advisable to [Bai Tai Sui/拜太岁], and wear ox-shaped zodiac ornaments close to the body to help luck.

Zodiac Fortune in Different Years

1996: Year of Bingzi/丙子年 (Age 28)

The career is on the rise. If the company has on-the-job training or assessment exams, you may take the initiative to strive for them. You are expected to get good results, which will help your future career development. However, facing the unfamiliar scope of work, the mental pressure is greater, and it is necessary to adjust the mentality to face new challenges. The emotional luck of the single family is not stable, there are chasing and indecision, it is recommended to put more effort into the workplace, and the marriage needs to wait for a better time; Just beware of minor disputes.

1984: Year of Jiazi/甲子年 (Age 40)

In the Year of the Rabbit, the analytical ability and logical thinking have improved, but the virtual age of 40 years old belongs to [corner luck/转角运], and the fortune fluctuates greatly. Although there is a new development direction in the career, there are more personal thoughts and mental pressure. Insufficient personnel support from above will make things more difficult. It is recommended to stick to the original scope first, and it is not advisable to rush to start new plans or make large investments. Everything needs to be deployed more. In terms of health, the stomach and digestive system are weak, and the diet needs to be particularly light. It is better to eat less spicy and stimulating food.

1972: Year of Renzi/壬子年 (Age 52)

Both health and family luck have improved compared to the Year of the Tiger, but wealth luck is still in the recovery period. Investment strategies need to be extra conservative. It is recommended to choose medium and long-term projects for three to five years. It is not advisable to save too much cash to avoid innocent bankruptcy. Entrepreneurs have the opportunity to have additional expenses due to relocation, decoration, etc., and need to carefully control costs. In the Year of the Rabbit, your emotional fortune will be greatly impacted, and you will have more meaningless disputes with your partner. You need to communicate more and be honest with each other. When getting along with other opposite sexes, you should not be overly enthusiastic, so as not to cause love affairs outside the wall. It is recommended that in the Year of the Rabbit, you can go out more with your significant other or revisit old places, and you can also learn common hobbies to cultivate relationships.

1960: Year of Gengzi/庚子年 (Age 64)

In the Year of the Rabbit, you have a strong thirst for knowledge, and you are still full of curiosity about new things around you. Coupled with smooth learning luck, you are in a happy year. In terms of wealth luck, it is “one gain, one loss”. Although there is a slight lucky fortune, it is only advisable to try it out. After the income, you can also buy physical objects for value preservation or invest in medium and long-term projects, so as to avoid making money first and then losing money innocently.