Rabbit – 2023 Chinese Zodiac for Good Luck

Rabbit Zodiac 2023

Hong Kong Feng Shui Expert: Mak Ling Ling
Guest: elenechong

Overall Luck

People with the zodiac rabbit will fall into the year of birth in 2023, and their fortunes will be unstable, and they tend to go to extremes. If they can take the initiative to organize positive events, the negative impact of committing Tai Sui can be alleviated.


The wealth trend of [Natal Year/本命年] fluctuates greatly, and it is easy to go to two levels. If there are traditional positive events in the new year, such as marriage, childbirth, property purchase or starting a business, it can be regarded as [Broken Joy and Fortune/破欢喜财] to fulfill the fortune. Nevertheless, in 2023, there will be a group of [Yutang 玉堂] and [Golden Chamber/金匮] auspicious stars representing money, which can increase income for both migrant workers and businessmen. In addition, friends who belong to the rabbit are advised to earn objective income to buy real goods or invest in stable investment projects to preserve value, and at the same time, they must manage money carefully.


Rabbit people will have a rising career this year, among them, the auspicious star [Jiang Xin/将星], which represents personal leadership, will come. If you serve in military positions such as the police force, customs or firefighting and other disciplined forces, you will be able to flex your muscles in the new year. In the Year of the Rabbit, [Wen Chang/文昌] will be stationed again, which is beneficial for further studies, value-added and application for promotion examinations, and good results are expected. [Sui Jia/岁驾]The auspicious star will make the work performance of the rabbits be recognized and appreciated by the boss, and they are expected to be praised and promoted. However, in the year of [Offending the Tai Sui/犯太岁], there will inevitably be a big emotional gap, and special attention should be paid to interpersonal relationships, and it is not advisable to be too high-profile and meddling in the workplace. In addition, you can display the Zi Chang Wen Chang Tower/紫昌文昌塔 in the office to improve your concentration and analysis skills.


“Tai Sui/犯太岁” is the emotional “passage year/关口年”, and the relationship is prone to change. The so-called “one happiness prevents three disasters, no happiness is right and wrong/一喜挡三灾,无喜是非来”, if you have a fixed partner and plan to get married, you may wish to put it into practice in the Year of the Rabbit , is expected to fulfil the change of fortune.

As for those whose relationship is not ready to discuss marriage, they must be mentally prepared for separation, so they need to spend more time and effort to maintain the relationship. As for the singles, although there are peach blossoms/桃花 coming to the door, most of them are short term and short-lived marriages. Married people are likely to have love affairs outside the wall this year, and they need to keep their own place.


Affected by the “Natal Year/本命年”, health and family luck are relatively poor in the Year of the Rabbit. In addition, the year of “Tai Sui/犯太岁” is more emotionally affected, often in a state of cranky and unfounded worries, which can easily affect the quality of sleep and even cause insomnia. Resistance Weakness will also have more trivial problems such as colds and colds, and more attention should be paid.

In addition, the evil star of “Jian Feng/剑锋” means being injured by metal, especially the driver needs to pay extra attention to the road conditions. It is recommended that those born in the year of the Rabbit have a detailed physical examination at the end of the Year of the Rabbit, donate blood or have their teeth cleaned at the beginning of the Year of the Rabbit, and take the initiative to fulfil minor bloody disasters, and the whole Year of the Rabbit will be relatively safe.

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Chinese Zodiac Rabbit Lucky Tips

*Occurrence of the “Natal Year/本命年” Tai Sui, it is advisable to wear dog-shaped zodiac ornaments close to the body to help luck

*If you are excited about getting married, having a baby, buying a home or starting a business, you can reduce the impact of “offending the Tai Sui/犯太岁”.

*Financial management strategy should be stable and conservative, and it is not suitable to make major decisions or invest large amounts of money.

* At the end of the year of the tiger, it is advisable to have a physical examination first, and after the beginning of spring, it is advisable to donate blood and have teeth cleaned.

* Wear more bright-colored clothes to promote prosperity, especially red is the most beneficial.

Zodiac Fortune in Different Years

Year 1999: Year of Ji Mao/己卯年 (Age 25)

2023 is a year of good fortune, and you are expected to have different new opportunities in your career, and you are expected to explore and express yourself. However, in the face of hesitation in the new development direction, we need to adjust our mentality. Although the wealth fortune will also improve in the new year, it is easy to “money come and go/财来财去” and more wealth management is needed.

The Year of the Rabbit is also suitable for further study, whether it is enrolling in work-related courses or developing other skills. Love is a “passing year/关口年”. Couples who do not intend to get married need to beware of falling into breakup luck. Singles will have a short-term romance and need more observation and understanding.

Year 1987: Year of Ding Mao/丁卯年 (Age 37)

In the year of “Gui Ding Chong/癸丁冲”, there are frequent personnel disputes, and you also have to worry about trivial problems in the house. If someone in the family gets married, has a baby, or buys a home, the fortune will be relatively stable. If there is no positive event, it will take more time and energy to deal with troubles and obstacles.

As for those who have already celebrated the Year of the Tiger, the Year of the Rabbit can continue the festive fortune. Otherwise, you should pay more attention to the health of your elders, and you should also beware of eye and heart problems. I want to make a breakthrough in work, but the beginning of the year is not the best time. It is suggested that important matters should be decided after the beginning of autumn, and it is better to stick to it in the first half of the year.

Year 1987: Year of Yi Mao/乙卯年 (Age 49)

It is a year that is ready to move, especially migrant workers will have the idea of starting a business, but the Year of the Rabbit is more likely to lose money, so it is not suitable for large-scale construction or large investment. Instead, small trials are likely to have a chance of success. The mood of the new year is also relatively anxious, and it is easy to think wildly.

It is recommended to wait for a while when making important decisions, and it is better to eat, drink and play more to relax. In terms of health, you should beware of accidental injuries. Be careful of joint sprains and falls when exercising or going out for a trip. You should also pay more attention to the health of your elders.

Year 1987: Year of Kui Mao/癸卯年 (Age 61)

Depressed mood affects the quality of sleep, but the actual fortune is not bad. It is recommended to get in touch with nature more, eat, drink and play more, and keep a cheerful mood. The investment strategy should be as stable and conservative as possible, and it is not suitable to make any major decisions or engage in high-risk speculation activities.

If there are positive events such as the marriage of the younger generation or the addition of a child in the Year of the Rabbit family, it is ideal. If there is no celebration, you should pay attention to your health. It is recommended to have a comprehensive physical examination at the end of the Year of the Tiger. In fact, the Year of the Rabbit has entered the virtual age of 61. Traditionally, the so-called “men make one head and women make one/男做齐头,女做出一”, ladies may wish to celebrate birthdays in a low-key way by being vegetarian on the lunar birthday, which will help improve health and increase personal blessings.