Pig – 2023 Chinese Zodiac for Good Luck

Hong Kong Feng Shui Expert: Mak Ling Ling
Guest: sherlynheon

Overall Luck

There are frequent social activities, and the overall mood is happy, but beware of disrupting the rhythm of life, encountering unreasonable women, and also beware of accidental injuries, all in moderation.


After getting rid of the impact of the year of the tiger, the financial stability of the year of the rabbit is obviously higher, but there has been no wealth star, so it is not appropriate to expect a substantial increase in income. Fortunately, [Hai Maowei/亥卯未] is a triad, and those who belong to the pig have a friendly relationship with the fleeting Tai Sui. In the Year of the Rabbit, new cooperation opportunities are expected to come, especially those who belong to the sheep will be of special help to themselves. In addition, [Tian Chu/天厨] is an auspicious star related to food, so in the Year of the Rabbit, there is an opportunity to invest in food-related projects. If the cost is not high, you may as well give it a try. At the same time, this star also indicates that there are frequent parties and dinners, and you need to control expenses. However, the Year of the Rabbit is affected by the inauspicious star [White Tiger/白虎]. Pig people are likely to meet rude and unreasonable women. It is recommended to target men when choosing a business partner.


In the Year of the Rabbit, the auspicious star [Tian Chu/天厨] is coming. Pig people have good interpersonal relationships and get along well with colleagues. In addition, the auspicious stars of [Yi Ma/驿马] and [Tian Yi/天乙] borrowed from Snake can show their charm in the workplace , especially those engaged in the service industry have an advantage. Although the overall working atmosphere is relatively harmonious in the Year of the Rabbit, but there has never been a career star. In addition, due to the influence of [White Tiger/白虎], if the direct supervisor is a woman, the other party is prone to unreasonable troubles and faultfinding. It is recommended that the pig zodiac be patient and avoid unnecessary dispute. As for [Finger Back/指背], there are villains talking behind their backs, so try to keep a low profile when dealing with others.


The emotional trend in the new year is relatively stable, especially for those who have already married in the Year of the Tiger, and the Year of the Rabbit is expected to continue the festive luck. The relationship between married people is also very stable, and the husband and wife get along well, which is a sweet and happy year. As for the singles, in the Year of the Rabbit, you can make friends through gatherings with friends and get acquainted with the opposite sex you like. In addition, the borrowed [Yi Ma/驿马] auspicious star is good for marriage in different places. However, due to the [White Tiger/白虎] evil star flying in the Year of the Rabbit, the men who belong to the pig will meet women with a more staunch temper. If you don’t mind that the other party is more assertive, you can try to develop it.


The Year of the Rabbit is blessed by the auspicious star [Tian Chu/天厨], and there are many gatherings and entertainments, and the mood is quite happy, but beware of gastrointestinal discomfort or weight gain due to overeating. It is recommended that people with the sign of the pig take more health care, and eat light and regular Exercise and have regular checkups to stay safe. In addition, [White Tiger/白虎] is in the lord, beware of minor car collisions, this star also represents being injured by animals, besides being bitten by mosquitoes, those who have pets should pay more attention to their emotions, and it is not appropriate to overdo it when facing unfamiliar animals enthusiasm.

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Chinese Zodiac Pig Lucky Tips

  • [Tian Chu/天厨] [Ji Xing Feilai/吉星飞临] will increase the number of eating and gatherings, which will help expand the interpersonal network.
  • Interpersonal relationship is auspicious and evil is hidden in it. It is advisable to wear amethyst ornaments to enhance work and noble luck.
  •  Sheep is a noble person who has passed away, so you may wish to listen to the other party’s opinions or propose cooperation.
  • Affected by the evil star [White Tiger/白虎], it is not suitable to invest with women.
  • Frequent entertainment is also beneficial to go out, but you must pay attention to diet and balance of work and rest.

Zodiac Fortune in Different Years

1995: Year of Yihai/乙亥 (Age 29)

There is a new development direction for the career, and those who plan to make changes or have new plans may wish to implement them, and they are expected to develop smoothly with the strength of contacts. However, after the change, you have to be exposed to unfamiliar work fields, and you will be under a lot of mental pressure. Fortunately, you have enough help, so you don’t need to worry about it, just face the new challenges with a normal heart. Although the Year of the Rabbit is a sprint period for career, it is not advisable to work too hard. You need to learn to balance work and life. It is recommended to go out for short-term travel, especially April and October of the lunar calendar are the most suitable for walking. It is expected to improve your fortune through “borrowing luck”.

1983: Year of Guihai/癸亥 (age 41)

Frequent personnel disputes, disagreements with partners, family members and colleagues, coupled with a more paranoid personality, the two sides are prone to stalemate, it is recommended to listen to each other’s opinions more, and maintain a harmonious interpersonal relationship will be more ideal. In addition, the Year of the Rabbit is an advisable year to go out more. If you have a business trip opportunity, you may wish to take the initiative to seek it out, and you are expected to try new things in different fields. However, the age of 41 belongs to the traditional [year of calamity/厄年], and the fortune of those born in the year of Guihai will change a lot due to nasal movement, and it takes time to adjust and adapt. Wealth luck is average, and businessmen must be conservative in their business direction, and high-risk speculation is not suitable. In the Year of the Rabbit, you will also worry about family affairs. Fortunately, it is only a trivial problem, and the overall progress is still slight.

1971: Year of Xinhai/辛亥 (age 53)

Personal thinking is clear, full of motivation, coupled with strong analytical and leadership skills, and he is handy in doing things. Whether he is a migrant worker or a businessman, he will come up with new ideas, which is expected to stand out and lead to progress in career and wealth. However, in the Year of the Rabbit, communication with subordinates is average, everything needs to be done by oneself, and more patient supervision is required to avoid being implicated by the other party’s careless mistakes. In addition, you will have good luck with your studies in the new year, so you may wish to enroll in new skills or interest courses, which will help relieve stress.

1959: Year of Jihai/己亥 (age 65)

Before signing documents and contracts, you need to read the terms and conditions carefully, especially when it comes to money transactions. If you have any questions, you can consult professionals to avoid careless mistakes and fall into scams. Fortunately, the luck of wealth is still satisfactory, and the business of businessmen has grown steadily, but it is not suitable to get involved in high-risk speculation. In addition, the Year of the Rabbit also belongs to the year of [avoid high/忌高], so it is advisable to ask family members to do housework such as changing light bulbs and curtains, otherwise it is easy to sprain and fall.