Ox – 2023 Chinese Zodiac for Good Luck

Ox - Zodiac 2023

Hong Kong Feng Shui Expert: Mak Ling Ling
Guest: crystal_lim0427

Overall Luck

The overall fortune lacks the power of auspicious stars in fleeting years, and we can only rely on personal strength in everything, and we can gain as much as we work. In addition, in the Year of the Rabbit, it is not suitable to cooperate with female relatives and friends, as it is easy to lose righteousness due to wealth.


If there is no auspicious star or fortune star in the year of Guimao, it will be difficult for Ox people to rely on contacts and external forces to make money. Everything needs to be done by oneself, so it is not appropriate to set the goal too high, especially in terms of investment, it is advisable to stick to familiar areas and not to explore high risks. speculation items. Entrepreneurs should increase income and reduce expenditure, accumulate grain to prevent hunger, and should also monitor their subordinates more to avoid the other party’s carelessness and mistakes and ruin the money. In addition, although the Year of the Rabbit borrows [Santai/三台], [Hua Gai/华盖], [Tang Fu/唐符] and [Tianjie/天解] auspicious stars for the opposite sign of the zodiac sheep, but the power is relatively weak, and there is also about [Tianjie/天解], which represents difficulty first and then easy. Fortune, so the process of making money will inevitably encounter troubles and obstacles, and it will take more time and patience. In addition, there will be the inauspicious star [Moon Fiend/月煞] in 2023, so Ox people should not cooperate with women in investment or have financial entanglements.


Since the power of the borrowed auspicious star is mainly reflected in the career, the career of the Year of the Rabbit will be better than wealth luck. Among them, [Santai/三台] represent the steps of the stairs, which means step by step. Ox people will have a slight promotion in the new year, but only the promotion of titles and powers and responsibilities, and there will be no major salary adjustments. [Hua Gai/华盖] is an auspicious star that symbolizes artistic talent, and those who are engaged in the field of art still have a certain development in their careers. As for [Tang Fu/唐符], it is good for those who work in large organizations or civil servants, and their leadership skills are expected to be displayed in the new year. However, the inauspicious star [Moon Fiend/月煞] represents the troubles that will be caused by personnel disturbances. If the direct supervisor or boss is a woman, there is a chance to encounter unreasonable troubles, so you need to be more tolerant and tolerant in everything.


Ox people lack peach blossom stars in the Year of the Rabbit, and the auspicious stars borrowed from the opposite house are not conducive to marriage, so the love fortune will be a year without major breakthroughs. The relationship between the couple is relatively stable. Although there is no major dispute between the two, [Yuesha/月煞] represents the troubles brought by women. In 2023, beware of female elders who have opinions on the other half. If the relationship is not stable enough, it is not advisable to integrate into each other too quickly circle of relatives and friends, so as not to affect the perception of both parties by gossip. As for married people, they should also beware of gossip between sisters-in-law. It is difficult for single people to have a romantic relationship. It is recommended to put more effort into career development and do more study to add value. If you meet someone who is close to your eyes in the Year of the Rabbit, you should start with friendship first, spend more time communicating and understanding, and wait for better luck. It is more appropriate to take the initiative to attack in the year.


Ox people have neither conflict nor coincidence with fleeting years. There is no serious health problem, but they are always impacted by the power of evil stars, especially [Tiangou/天狗] and [Diaoke/吊客] represent slight accidental frights after going out. Pay attention before traveling in 2023 Due to weather changes and public security environment at the destination, beware of acclimatization, luggage delay or loss of belongings after arrival. At the same time, it is not advisable to participate in high-risk activities while traveling abroad. On the whole, the mental stress is high and you need to relax your body and mind.

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Chinese Zodiac Ox Lucky Tips

  • Auspicious stars are not given, it is advisable to do it yourself, active learning will help long-term development.
  • It is easy to have accidents and shocks when going out. It is recommended to purchase travel insurance to be safe.
  •  Pay more attention to the health of the elders, and take the initiative to renovate the home to stabilize the family fortune.
  • 【Oddity/寡宿】When the stars come, it is easy to feel alienated from your partner. If you get together less and leave more, you can stabilize the relationship.
  • If the interpersonal relationship is weak, it is advisable to wear pink crystal ornaments to enhance the luck of the relationship.

Zodiac Fortune in Different Years

1997: Year of DingChou/丁丑年 (Age 27)

[Guidingchong/癸丁冲]The zodiac signs of the year are opposite each other. In the Year of the Rabbit, if you get married, have a baby or move, it is ideal. Otherwise, the fortune will be more ups and downs. In addition, there will be frequent personnel disturbances, especially communication problems with family members. It is recommended to be more considerate of the other party’s situation. , It is not advisable to stick to one’s own opinion. Fortunately, in the Year of the Rabbit, the career has a clear direction, and there will be slight progress in the work, but businessmen should pay attention to the details of the documents and contracts, so as not to make careless mistakes and get into trouble with officials. In the Year of the Rabbit, you should also pay more attention to the health of your elders, and immediately accompany them to seek medical treatment if you feel unwell.

1985: Year of Ulchou/乙丑年 (Age 39)

The elders are lucky and the nobles have enough help, and they are expected to develop with the help of contacts. However, there are more open and covert struggles among peers, especially the migrant workers who need to bear huge pressure. Fortunately, the immediate difficulties are only difficult before easy. It is recommended not to rush forward, slow down and be more patient, and career and wealth fortune can be slightly improved. Although the Year of the Rabbit is ready to make changes, it is not the right time. It is more appropriate to stick to your post and work quietly. In terms of health, you should pay attention to gastrointestinal problems, especially frequent social activities, and you should not overeat. You need to establish a regular lifestyle.

1973: Year of Kuichou/癸丑年 (Age 51)

Stepping into the virtual age of 51 is a [passing year/关口年], the overall fortune will be more volatile, especially the fortune of wealth will fluctuate greatly, and there will be more unnecessary expenses, so it is necessary to manage money carefully. In terms of investment, it is only advisable to stick to the original scope, and it is not advisable to recklessly develop new projects. If a new cooperation is approaching, it is only advisable to try it out, and avoid large-scale investment to avoid variables. In the Year of the Rabbit, your health is average, especially the hands, feet, waist and knee joints are prone to sprains and falls, and you should not participate in high-risk outdoor activities. You should also pay attention to the flying positions of the five yellows (northwest) and two blacks (due east) in your home. It is recommended to use copper objects as weights Object suppression reduces impact. Fortunately, in the Year of the Rabbit, the relationship between people has improved, and things are going well.

1961: Year of Xinchou/辛丑年 (Age 63)

He is very popular, and has a lot of gatherings with friends, but he has a lot of gossip, and it is not advisable to give more opinions, lest the innocent be attacked. Wealth luck will be improved compared to the Year of the Tiger, but it is only suitable to participate in medium and long-term investment or familiar fields, and it is not suitable to develop high-risk short-term speculation. In the Year of the Rabbit, it is easy to have disputes about family members or younger generations. You need to communicate more and listen to different opinions. Peace is the most important thing in everything.