Monkey – 2023 Chinese Zodiac for Good Luck

Monkey - Zodiac 2023

Hong Kong Feng Shui Expert: Mak Ling Ling
Guest: kai_theory 


The fortune is rising steadily and with the help of noble people, there is room for improvement in the career, but it is easier to lose money, so you might as well take the initiative to [destroy happiness and happiness/破欢喜财] or buy real assets to preserve value.


The Year of the Tiger is impacted by the negative power of [Chong Tai Sui/冲太岁], and those who belong to the Monkey are prone to investment mistakes and financial bankruptcy; in the Year of the Rabbit, there is no conflict or combination, and the overall wealth fortune will be relatively stable. However, there will always be a [small consumption/小耗] evil star in the new year, and there will be more unnecessary expenses, so there will still be a state of [wealth comes and goes/财来财去], so you need to be particularly cautious in financial management and investment should be extra conservative.

Although there will be plenty of help from noble people in the new year, businessmen can use their contacts to gain customer support, and their performance will increase, but the Year of the Rabbit is not always a year of wealth, and only by taking the initiative can they get rich. As for 【Earth Explanation/地解】, it means that the place of residence or work has changed, and businessmen may have to spend money due to the relocation of factories or offices, so they must prepare an emergency fund. As for those who are married in the Year of the Tiger and have plans to have children, the Year of the Rabbit may wish to implement it, and it is hoped that they will use this [Broken Joy and Fortune/破欢喜财] to fulfill their fortunes.


Career luck will gradually improve, and with the auspicious star in charge of power and the blessing of powerful nobles, you are expected to show your strengths in the workplace. [Guoyin/国印] is the official seal of the imperial court in charge of power in ancient times. It means that people who belong to monkeys will be in power in the new year, and their work performance will be radiant. It is especially beneficial for civilian management or government workers. As for [Yuede/月德], it is a powerful noble star. This star has the meaning of kindness and joy, turning bad luck into good luck. Monkey people will have good luck in the new year and get along well with superiors, peers and subordinates.


Since there is no peach blossom star stationed in the new year, the love fortune of the monkey people is only stable. And the year of Renyin is the year of [Chong Tai Sui/冲太岁], that is, the emotional [pass year/关口年], and the relationships of most people will also change. If you have a baby plan, you might as well implement it, and your dream will come true. As for those who are not happy in the Year of the Tiger, I believe that some people have already experienced separation and reunion, and the Year of the Rabbit will be a year of fresh start. Fortunately, the auspicious star [Yuede/月德] is coming, and the monkey zodiacs will have a good luck in popularity, and they are expected to meet new friends through the introduction of their elders.

In addition, the auspicious stars in the Year of the Rabbit will mainly shine on your career, and those who want to get out of the singles can also pay more attention to the people around them in the workplace. As for the couples who have experienced [Chong Tai Sui/冲太岁] without divorce, the relationship will become more stable in the Year of the Rabbit, and the relationship will also improve. This year is quite a sweet year.


Coming to the Year of the Rabbit, you will get rid of the impact of [offending the Tai Sui/犯太岁], and with the blessings of noble auspicious stars, everything will turn from bad to good, and your overall health will also improve significantly. In the new year, there will be an auspicious star of [National Seal/国印], and the career of the Monkey will develop smoothly. However, due to the increase in personal rights and responsibilities and workload, it is easy to be stressed and affect the quality of sleep. It is recommended to do more decompression exercises or contact with large Relax naturally. In addition, in the Year of the Rabbit, there will be the [Yuede/月德] Noble Star, which represents turning bad luck into good luck. The overall health is not serious, but the social activities are frequent, and you need to pay attention to diet and do more weight management, so as not to drag down your health.

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Chinese Zodiac Monkey Lucky Tips

*The career development is as good as the Japanese side, and it is recommended to further promote the four green Wenchang star orientations in fleeting years.
*[Guoyin/国印] and [Yuede/月德] auspicious stars are in charge, and there is plenty of help around you, so you might as well go forward bravely.
*[Small Consumption/小耗] Feilin is easier to lose money, so it is advisable to take the initiative to buy your heart to fulfill your luck.
*The Year of the Rabbit is favorable for going to different cities to settle or work, but be careful when going out.
*The house is affected by the impact, it is advisable to do home repairs for the elders, and you can place obsidian to keep safe.

Zodiac Fortune in Different Years

2004: Year of Jiashen/甲申年(Age 20)

Personal thinking is clear, work is more focused than before, and analytical and planning skills have also been strengthened. In addition, learning luck is smooth, and noble people provide sufficient help. As long as goals can be established, the Year of the Rabbit will be able to move towards success step by step. However, my personality is relatively paranoid, and I don’t easily accept the opinions of elders. Therefore, it is recommended to listen to the experience of elders to broaden your horizons and make the process of handling things more handy.

1992: Year of Jinshin/壬申年 (Age 32)

The career has found a new development direction, and it is expected to grow steadily, so you might as well put more effort into your work. Wealth luck has improved compared to the year of the tiger, but it is still difficult to accumulate wealth, and more financial planning is required. You can buy real objects or invest in stable items to maintain value. It is not advisable to keep too much cash, so as not to lose money innocently. Single people have good luck in popularity, and they are expected to meet someone they like in their social circle, and gradually develop from friends to couples. You may wish to pay more attention to the people around you.

1980: Year of Gengshen/庚申年 (Age 44)

Breaking away from the [Year of Misfortune/厄年], the year of the Rabbit is obviously more stable, and the fortune of wealth is also improved compared to the Year of the Tiger. The method of increasing income and reducing expenditure for businessmen is effective, and the income will increase slowly. The migrant workers have a new development path and good opportunities for promotion. They are expected to start a new stage of life and their fortunes will return to the right track. In addition, the Year of the Rabbit has good luck for further studies. Even those who have joined the society can learn new skills, which can be helpful for future career development. However, there is still a slight [gold and wood mutual restraint/金木相克], so pay special attention to joint problems such as tennis elbow and fifty shoulders, use electronic products in moderation, and beware of slight skin allergies.

1968: Year of Wushen/戊申年 (Age 56)

Affected by [Wu Gui He/戊癸合], the fortune of the family will be unstable in the new year, and you need to spend more time caring for the health of your elders, and accompany you to seek medical treatment immediately if you feel unwell. In the coincident year, personal emotions are relatively negative, and insomnia is likely to be caused by mental stress and neurasthenia, which requires personal adjustment of mentality. It is advisable to make changes to your home when the Year Pillar coincides. You may wish to do a small amount of renovation and maintenance for your own or the elderly’s home to improve noise, water leakage and other problems. You may also consider replacing furniture and mattresses, etc., which can help improve your home fortune. Although the actual fortune of the Year of the Rabbit is not bad, but due to external factors, you will be more busy and have difficulty concentrating. It is recommended to carry out a detailed physical examination to prevent problems before they happen. At the same time, try to avoid making major decisions or large investments, so as not to make wrong decisions.