Horse – 2023 Chinese Zodiac for Good Luck

Horse Zodiac 2023


Hong Kong Feng Shui Expert: Mak Ling Ling
Guest: alsy226 

Overall Luck

In the fleeting year, with [festive auspicious stars/喜庆吉星] coming to the door and the help of noble people, the fortune of wealth can increase slowly, but the [Tai Sui/太岁] is broken, so pay attention to interpersonal relationships, and also beware of money entanglement, which may lead to injustice due to money.


In the Year of the Rabbit, there will be a group of inauspicious stars [Guan Suo/贯索] and [Gou Shen/勾神] that represent money entanglement, and the year of [Broken Tai Sui/破太岁] will impact interpersonal relationships, so businessmen should pay special attention to the relationship with their partners .

When dealing with accounts, be clear and clear, and beware of conflicts due to money disputes. In fact, the year of [Offending the Tai Sui/犯太岁] is the most suitable year for traditional happy events, which can be regarded as the fulfilment of fortune for [Broken Happiness and Fortune/破欢喜财]. But for those who are not happy, the financial management strategy must be extra conservative.

It is recommended to buy physical objects or make stable investment hedging. It is not advisable to keep too much cash to avoid innocent bankruptcy. Fortunately, [Tai Yin/太阴] auspicious star can still bless the fortune of the horse zodiac. This star represents noble women. If the business you run is mainly female customers, you will have full support from customers in the new year, which is expected to increase your income. As long as you are careful If you don’t act too hastily, your fortune will still rise steadily.


In the year of [Tai Sui phase break/太岁相破], the relationship with colleagues is average, and gossip is frequent in the workplace. You need to beware of verbal misunderstandings and offending others.

It is recommended to be as low-key as possible in dealing with others, so as to avoid being attacked by being too sharp. Fortunately, there will still be [Tai Yin/太阴] in the new year. This star represents female elders and nobles. If the direct boss of the migrant workers is a woman, they may have the opportunity to be promoted.

In addition, the year is always a minor [offending Tai Sui/犯太岁], and if you plan to change jobs, you must wait for the new job contract to be signed before resigning from your original position. It is not advisable to resign impulsively, otherwise you may fall into a longer [waiting period/等候期].


In 2023, there will be [Tai Yin/太阴], which represents noble women, and [Tian Xi/天喜] auspicious star, which symbolizes many happy events. But the age of the other party may be slightly older. If you don’t mind the age gap, you may try to develop, and you are expected to start a new relationship.

As for women, although their peach blossoms are not as brilliant as men’s, they can still meet their favourite objects through blind dates introduced by female elders, and there will also be opportunities for flash marriage and double happiness.

As for those who already have a stable partner or are married, they should pay special attention to their luck. They need to control themselves at all times and resolutely resist external temptations. They should not be overly enthusiastic about the opposite sex, so as not to give the other party a false impression and cause intricate love affairs outside the wall.


Although the year of [Broken Tai Sui/破太岁] does not have a major impact on health, there will inevitably be more trivial problems. In addition, there are [Guan Suo/贯索] and [Gou Shen/勾神] inauspicious stars. In the Year of the Rabbit, you should pay special attention to skin sensitivity, toothache, and neuralgia, etc. An unpopular health issues.

The year when the Tai Sui breaks is also unfavourable for the family. If the Year of the Rabbit has traditional happy events such as marriage, childbirth, and property purchase, the fortune will be relatively stable. Otherwise, you can do a small amount of decoration, repair, or replacement of furniture for yourself or your elders. To further improve health luck, it is recommended that Horse zodiac people have a detailed physical examination at the end of the Year of the Tiger.

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Chinese Zodiac Horse Lucky Tips

*[Tai Yin/太阴] Auspicious stars will help prosper the luck of nobles and women, which is beneficial to engage in industries dominated by female customers.

*The Year of the Rabbit is a time when wealth is not coming in. Medium and long-term investment is more conducive to improving wealth.

*[Tian Xi/天喜] Auspicious stars are good for marriage and childbirth, and it is advisable to further promote the azimuth of the Nine Purple Festive Stars.

* Tai Sui has a lot of talk about right and wrong, so it is advisable to wear goat-shaped zodiac ornaments next to your body.

*Avoid visiting the sick and mourning, you might as well attend more festive occasions to gain vitality.

Zodiac Fortune in Different Years

Year 2002: Year of Ren Wu/壬午年 (Age 22)

Good fortune in learning and elders, those who are still in school can be loved by teachers and teachers, but friends are prone to disputes over money issues, it is recommended that the number should be as clear as possible, and it is not appropriate to have money entanglements, so as to avoid quarrels due to financial injustice .

As for those who have already joined the society, they should learn to manage their wealth and try to increase income and reduce expenditure so as not to make ends meet. The emotional relationship is not stable, frequent disputes and even separation luck, especially because of rumours and gossips from family and friends around, it is easy to affect the perception of both parties, it is recommended to enjoy the world of two in a low-key way.

Year 1990: Year of Geng Wu/庚午年 (Age 34)

You will have good luck in your studies. Whether you are enrolled in work-related courses or other interest groups, you will have good results. You are expected to discover new skills, which will help your career development in the long run.

However, in the new year, gossip is frequent, family members and friends have more disputes, and friends are prone to misunderstandings due to verbal misunderstandings, so you need to be cautious in your words and deeds.

Although the single family has a romantic relationship, but the relationship is not considered real, it is not recommended to act too hastily. Married people should not be too enthusiastic about the opposite sex, so as not to cause love affairs outside the wall.

Year 1978: Year of Wu Wu/戊午年 (Age 46)

[Wu Gui He/戊癸合] means that the year and the pillars are in harmony, the year of the Rabbit will have a severe impact on the home fortune, and there will be more trivial problems to be dealt with. It is recommended to spend more time caring for the health of the elders, and you can also do a small amount of decoration, repair or maintenance for yourself or the elders. Replacing furniture, mattresses, curtains, etc. are all helpful to health.

Due to family troubles, the mood in the new year is relatively negative, and overthinking can easily lead to insomnia. It is recommended to talk to friends and do more stress-reducing exercises to face it with positive energy.

In terms of wealth luck, positive wealth is the main focus, while wealth luck is average. It is recommended to stick to the original scope of work. Even in the face of new cooperation, it is advisable to try a small amount of money, and it is not advisable to invest a large amount of money, otherwise it is easy to lose more than the gain.

Year 1966: Year of Bing Wu/丙午年 (Age 58)

Get rid of the opposition of the [Year Pillar/年柱] in the Year of the Tiger, and the year of the Rabbit will have the [heavenly stems of water to balance the fire-prosperous/癸水平衡火旺] fate, so the fortune will become stable, especially those born in summer with the strongest fire, the improvement will be the most obvious, and those born in winter will also be able to change aggressive personality, got along well with people around, and improved interpersonal relationship.

Career luck is also on the rise, and migrant workers are expected to have breakthrough development, but they should pay more attention before signing documents and contracts, especially those involving tax bureaus or customs and other regulatory agencies. non troublesome. Wealth luck is relatively smooth, and income is expected to increase with the help of nobles, but it is always a year of [Breaking Tai Sui/破太岁], beware of misunderstandings with friends or business partners, and need to communicate more.