Goat – 2023 Chinese Zodiac for Good Luck

Goat - Zodiac 2023

Hong Kong Feng Shui Expert: Mak Ling Ling

Guest: huanting0903

Overall Luck

There is a lot of room for career development, and wealth luck can also be taken advantage of, but it is easy for villains to get in the way, and individuals are more cranky, need to adjust their emotions, and maintain positive energy in everything.


Goat and Rabbit belong to the [semi-convergence/半会合], so there will be new opportunities for cooperation in 2023, and it is expected to open up new business areas and sources of income. However, the process is not all smooth sailing. If you encounter difficulties and obstacles, you may wish to seek help from friends of Pig, and the problems will be solved easily. 

In addition, the Year of the Rabbit will be blessed by [Three Terraces/三台] auspicious stars, and the fortune of wealth will slowly increase, especially for migrant workers. And [Hua Gai/华盖] is the auspicious star of artistic talent. If businessmen can come up with new ideas that are completely different from the market, they will have a breakthrough. However, since there has never been a wealth star stationed in it, and [Tianjie/天解] has the meaning of solving difficulties, first difficult and then easy, and [Floating and Sinking/浮沉] is in charge, it is easy to have [three poorer, fifth richer/三更穷、 五更富] situations, and it still needs to be done. 

Be prepared to stockpile grain against hunger. As for the [Official Talisman/官符] year when the evil star is coming, you should beware of non-compliance with officials. In addition to obeying the law, businessmen should also pay more attention to the financial situation of customers, and it is not suitable to borrow money on credit.


With the help of auspicious stars in the fleeting years, career development is even more powerful, so you might as well grasp it actively. [Three Terraces/三台] are the stairs, which means step by step. Although the wages of migrant workers have not been greatly adjusted, they are expected to have good luck in promotion, regardless of their rights, responsibilities and titles. 

As for [Hua Gai/华盖] auspicious stars represent the display of artistic talents, so those who are engaged in the creative industry will be inspired in 2023 and their performance will be appreciated. However, due to the weak luck in popularity, people who belong to Goat should be humble and low-key in dealing with others, so as not to be too sharp and affect their development. In addition, since the fleeting year is not a year of major changes, those who belong to the Goat should stay at their original positions and work quietly so that their careers are expected to rise steadily.


Since there are no peach blossom stars or auspicious stars that are beneficial to people in the new year, and [Hua Gai/华盖] auspicious stars have the meaning of self-admiration and aloofness, it reflects that you will be lonely in your relationship, and your desire for love is relatively indifferent, and you tend to enjoy alone time. The relationship will be relatively stagnant, and [Tianjie/天解] will fly in the fleeting year. Although this star is a semi-auspicious star, it also has the intention of rescinding the marriage contract. 

If you have a marriage plan, you need to pay special attention. As for “floating and sinking”, it means that the enthusiasm is cooling down. Couples in love will suddenly feel that the other party does not match them in terms of personality, outlook on life or living habits, and the relationship is put to the test. The relationship between married people is relatively ideal, and the understanding with the other half has increased, but there are still [Five Ghosts/五鬼] evil stars flying around, representing suspicion and ghosts. Goat people will suspect that their partners are hiding something. It is recommended that husband and wife need to communicate more and be frank relatively.


Since there is no square in the new year, the health of Goat people will be fine, but there will always be the evil star [floating and sinking/浮沉], which represents water insurance, and you need to be careful when participating in water sports in the Year of the Rabbit, especially diving, surfing, swimming, etc. High-risk activities such as sailing can be avoided if possible. 

In addition, in the Year of the Rabbit, there will be the [Five Ghosts/五鬼] evil star coming, which means that you will be suspicious and restless. It is suggested that in the Year of the Rabbit, you should try to avoid visiting sick people and funerals and going to cemeteries, temples and other remote places, so as not to suffer from low personal energy. There is an adverse reaction, a false alarm. As for [Yellow Banner/黄幡] and [Blood Blade/血刃], it will have a greater impact on family luck. In 2023, you need to spend more time caring for the health of the elders in your family.

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Chinese Zodiac Goat Lucky Tips

*[Hai Maowei/亥卯未] belongs to the [three-in-one zodiac/三合生肖], and the cooperation with the pig is expected to spark sparks

*The career development is ideal, and it is advisable to promote the four green Wenchang stars to strengthen the fortune.

* Mental stress is high, so it is not advisable to go to a secluded place.

* It is advisable to wear obsidian ornaments to dissolve negative energy.

*It is easy to cause non-compliance with officials, paying attention to the right and wrong stars of the fleeting three green stars to resolve them.

*Actively renovate the home and place white jade gourds to help stabilize health and family luck.

Zodiac Fortune in Different Years

2003: Year of Guiwei/癸未年 (age 21)

Interpersonal relationships have improved, especially those who have joined the society and get along well with friends and colleagues. However, beware of too much entertainment and slight inability to make ends meet, and need to be cautious about financial management. As for those who are still studying, they have problems of lack of concentration, frequent gatherings, and chaotic personal life rhythms. It is recommended that everything should be done in moderation. There will be a new breakthrough in emotional luck, and it is expected to meet the eye-catching person. It is recommended to learn more before starting from the friendship relationship step by step

1991: Year of Xin Weinian/辛未年 (age 33)

If you have good academic luck, in addition to enrolling in work-related academic courses, you can also learn other new skills. You are expected to have good grades and benefit your career development in the long run. The relationship with colleagues has also improved in the new year, and the boss will recognize his work performance. Although there is no major promotion, the salary has also been slightly adjusted. As for the plan to switch workers, it is more secure to wait until the second half of the year to implement the implementation, otherwise there is a chance that you will need to switch again and again.

1979: Year of Ji Wei Nian/己未年 (age 45)

There is a new direction for career development, especially for businessmen, opportunities are everywhere, and new sources of income are expected to be explored. However, in the Year of the Rabbit, there will be a slight [money comes and goes/财来财去]. More cash, so as not to lose money innocently. 

In addition, since the new year is not a year in which you can not rely on contacts or rely on your subordinates, everything needs to be done by yourself, so the workload is huge and the pressure is quite heavy. It is easy to affect the quality of sleep due to mental stress. It is necessary to properly allocate work and personal time. You can also do more exercise to reduce stress. [Civil and Wood Composite/土木相克] Years are prone to joint sprains and falls, especially beware of accidents falling from heights. It is not suitable to participate in high-risk activities such as mountain climbing, rock climbing, and skiing. Be careful even when changing curtains and drying them to avoid Accidentally injuring them.

1967: Ding Weinian/丁未年 (age 57)

Affected by [Guiding Chong/癸丁冲], the Year of the Rabbit has aggressive personality, more irritable temper, and frequent disputes with family and friends. It is recommended to communicate more and listen to other people’s opinions more, so as not to damage the relationship due to temporary anger. In the year of [Water and Fire/水火相冲], beware of eye inflammation or vision loss, and those who often use electronic products should pay special attention. 

In the Year of the Rabbit, you should also pay attention to blood pressure and heart problems. If you have high cholesterol problems, you should have a physical examination to ensure your safety. In fact, the calculation of wealth in the new year is quite improved, but the interpersonal relationship is more complicated. It is recommended to find out the three right and wrong stars at home to resolve it, and you can also travel more to bring luck.