Dragon – 2023 Chinese Zodiac for Good Luck

Dragon Zodiac 2023

Hong Kong Feng Shui Expert: Mak Ling Ling
Guest: zem_10

Overall Luck

People of the zodiac dragon will have endless creative inspiration in 2023, and with the help of noble people, they are expected to make a big splash in expanding overseas markets. However, they are often tongue-in-cheek/是非口舌, so they need to pay attention to interpersonal relationships and prevent villains from harming them.


In the Year of the Rabbit, there will be an auspicious star [Sun/太阳] coming. This star is a powerful male nobleman. If the business is mainly male customers, the performance in the Year of the Rabbit is expected to improve, and the income will also increase.

However, it is always a minor year of [offending the Tai Sui/犯太岁], so it is only advisable to stick to the familiar range and adopt a small and broad approach, and it is not advisable to get involved in high-risk speculation, so as not to lose money innocently.

In addition, [Sun/太阳] also represents that the light spreads far away. If businessmen need to contact overseas, they will have good results in the new year. In the past, those who have concentrated on local business may also consider exploring overseas markets or buying properties in other places in 2023. Development will be smoother.


Due to the [Sun/太阳] auspicious star that represents male nobles, if the boss or boss of migrant workers is male, they will have the opportunity to be promoted in the Year of the Rabbit, and they are expected to grasp the network and make a big splash. However, the Year of the Rabbit also has [Liu Shu/六書] and [Hui Qi/晦气] inauspicious stars. In addition, it is always a year of [Hazardous Tai Sui/害太岁], and the relationship with peers and subordinates is normal, and it is easy to offend others due to open and secret fighting, lack of communication or misunderstanding of words.

So keep in mind that if you can maintain a harmonious interpersonal relationship, your career will have better development. However, there is also the inauspicious star [Ban An/扳鞍] in the year of [Gui Mao/癸卯].

If you plan to change job, you must be careful, because the process is not smooth, and there may even be situations where good luck hides bad luck. It is suggested that those who are born under the dragon sign should not resign impulsively in the Year of the Rabbit. Even if they have a new job, they must sign a contract before resigning from their original position, so as not to change their minds.


[Sun/太阳]The auspicious star represents noble men, and this star is especially beneficial to women born in year of Dragon. It is expected to meet someone who is eye-catching and has ideal conditions, so you might as well seize the opportunity. Although the peach blossoms of single men are not as prosperous as those of women, fortunately, the ancient star [Sun/太阳] also has the meaning of shining in the distance, which is conducive to marriage in different places.

In addition to meeting a good opposite sex when traveling on business or traveling, the partner may also return from other places. If you want to [be in relationship/脱单], you may wish to pay more attention to the people around you. As for the married people, they should beware of personnel disputes in the family in the year of [Harmful Tai Sui/害太岁], especially when dealing with the other half of family members and friends, they need to be cautious in their words and deeds to avoid disputes and affect the relationship.


[Hazardous Tai Sui/害太岁] Although there is no serious health problem during the year, it is inevitable that there will be more trivial health problems, such as toothache, neuralgia, gastroenteritis, or recurrence of old diseases, etc.

It is recommended that people born under the sign of Dragon should do more health management and establish a healthy life. Regular living habits, so as not to make small things big.

In addition, since the Year of the Rabbit is suitable for overseas expansion, there will be more opportunities to go out. However, when traveling abroad, you need to pay special attention to gastrointestinal discomfort or acclimatization. You need to eat and drink in moderation and bring medicines with you for safety.

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Chinese Zodiac Dragon Lucky Tips

*Male dignitaries are sufficient to help, and it is especially beneficial if the business is dominated by men.

*[Sun/太阳] arriving, it is advisable to take the initiative to travel or expand overseas markets.

*Women’s peach blossoms are particularly prosperous, which is also conducive to the development of long-distance marriages.

*Tai Sui harms each other and is prone to twists and turns in doing things, so it is advisable to wear monkey shaped and [Bai Jie/百解] ornaments next to your body.

*Interpersonal relationship seems to be regressing, pay attention to the direction of the passing years of the right and wrong stars of [San Bi/三碧] and resolve them.

Zodiac Fortune in Different Years

Year 2000: Year of Geng Chen/庚辰年 (Age 24)

Personal goals are clear, there is a new direction in work, and the study luck is smooth, the overall fortune is quite ideal, especially those who have joined the society and the workplace will have opportunities to flex their muscles, so you may wish to actively grasp it. However, the emotional luck is not stable, and the Year of the Dragon after the Year of the Rabbit is the “Natural Year/本命年”, so the relationship is bound to change. It is recommended that you do not need to spend too much effort on relationships, and it is more appropriate to focus on academic or career development.

Year 1988: Year of Bo Shin/戊辰年 (Age 36)

Affected by [Wu Gui He/戊癸合], it is easy to encounter twists and turns in doing things in the Year of the Rabbit. In addition, personal thoughts are relatively negative and emotionally troubled. You need to pay attention to sleep quality. It is recommended not to set goals too high, get in touch with nature and do more.

To reduce stress during exercise, it is more appropriate to spend it easily with the mentality of “Rang Yun/让运”. In fact, the wealth fortune in the year of the rabbit is quite good, but the work will feel stagnant. It is recommended to learn new skills or new interests and relax the mood to make more progress.

In addition, in the year when the year pillars are conjoined, you should pay more attention to the health of your elders, and you may wish to do a small amount of home decoration and maintenance; your relationship is also prone to changes, and you need to make rational decisions.

Year 1976: Year of Bing Chen/丙辰年 (Age 48)

The Year of the Tiger is affected by [Bing Ren Chong/丙壬冲], there are many changes in interpersonal relationships and family fortune, but in the Year of the Rabbit, there is neither conflict nor harmony, the overall fortune becomes stable, and personal emotions are relatively peaceful. Disputes are reduced, and joint ventures are also more developed, so you might as well grasp it actively. But in the new year, there is a chance to get involved in civil litigation. When signing documents and contracts, you must pay more attention to the terms and conditions, especially the documents from regulatory agencies.

You should consult professionals when you have any questions. Drivers should always abide by the law and conduct business. Otherwise, it is inappropriate to allow customers to borrow divisors, so as not to need to go to court.

Year 1964: Year of Jia Chen/甲辰年 (Age 60)

Fleeing year fortune is good, and personal life is more regular, and overall health fortune has improved. However, in the year of [civil and wood mutual restraint/土木相克], you need to beware of joint injuries and pay more attention to household traps such as kitchens and bathrooms. Due to more personal anxiety in the Year of the Rabbit, the following Year of the Dragon belongs to the “Natural Year/本命年”, and 59 to 61 years old is an important “passing year/关口年”, and special attention should be paid to health. , so as not to be a false alarm.

In fact, the year of Gui Mao/癸卯年 is 60 years old. There is a traditional saying that “men make the same head, and women make one/ 男做齐头,女做出一”. Men may wish to be vegetarian, release animals or pray for blessings on their birthdays in the lunar calendar. Low-key birthday celebrations will improve luck and health.