Can You Cheat at an Online Casino?

Can You Cheat at an Online Casino

Online casinos are more popular today than ever before, thanks to the increase in the number of people with access to the internet. With the convenience that online casinos give to players, some have resorted to using dubious methods to win more often. However, trusted online casino Singapore platforms are now more advanced than ever before, so it is practically impossible for an average person to cheat an online casino.

Unless you are a hacker or sophisticated computer guru, cheating an online casino is not possible. What is common today is players manipulating loopholes and some of the casino rules to their advantage. Doing so may not be seen directly as cheating, but it could get you banned from using the online casino once you are caught.

Some of the ways users abuse online casino rules to their advantage include the following;

Bonus abuse

Online casinos are known for being very generous when giving out bonuses like BK8 Bonus. Some of the common bonuses you will find at almost every casino website include; the welcome bonus, cash reload bonus, deposit bonus, and many more. Players can always manipulate the rules to earn these bonuses unfairly.

For instance, one might create multiple accounts in order to earn the welcome bonus more than once. This will, in the end, reduce the expected loss and possibly give the player a chance to win big on one of the accounts they created. However, once you are caught, the online casino could ban you or deny you from withdrawing your payouts even when you win.

Collusion while playing

Another common malpractice is collusion in poker. Collusion is where two or more players involved in a poker game share information about their cards in order to have an advantage over the other players in the game. This is usually more viable for two players. So, the two players can share cards to make sure at least one of them wins and after they share the winnings.

This form of syndicate is more profitable if the game involves many players. However, online casinos do not allow this, and some have put in place mechanisms to minimize this practice. One of the ways to reduce such practices is reducing the time players have to make decisions. This, in the end, gives players less time to consult their buddies about the cards they have.

Online casinos will also ban once you are caught engaging in this malpractice. If you are to do it, make sure you are very smarts, because there is a lot to lose once you are caught.

Using cheat sheets and research

Using cheat sheets and research

This is more of a strategy than cheating. With this method, players research to find out the games with higher winning odds before choosing the games to play. Remember, each online casino game has a Return to Player percentage (RTP), which essentially means the portion of the total bets that the casino gives back to players.

While researching, players can determine games with the highest RTP and only get involved in those. This is acceptable and has no penalties. So, I would recommend researching before choosing which games to play. You have the internet, so take advantage of all the information it offers.

Taking advantage of no-deposit welcome bonuses

Some online casinos give players some small bonus to get started with even before making any deposit. Most of the time, these are small amounts and may not amount to a lot of money at the end of the day. The easiest way to abuse this bonus is by creating multiple accounts and betting all the bonus credits you get to try out your chances.

If you create about ten accounts, you may find yourself winning on at least 2 or 3. This is, however, not a guarantee, but it is worth trying out if you have the time to create all these many accounts. Like we earlier shared, creating ghost accounts is illegal, and you will likely be banned once the online casino platform suspects any of your accounts to be involved in such practices.

One of the ways they can find out is if all your accounts are connected to one IP address (your computer’s) in the same location. In order to take advantage of this vulnerability, you’ll probably need a virtual private network (VPN).

Real hacking the casino site

Real hacking the casino site

This is not for the average person, and only a handful of people on the planet can do it. Those who hack online casinos can manipulate the games in their favor to win more often. For instance, they can change the odds and give themselves a better edge against the house. As I have said, doing this is almost impossible for 99.99% of people reading this article.

Conniving with the dealer

If you happen to be a dealer at any online casino, you could connive with them to get more chances of winning. This is a popular practice with card games. If the player and the dealer have connived, the dealer can twist the game in favor of the player by giving them good cards. This practice is uncommon because online casino studios have cameras that make it practically impossible for the dealers to directly favor a particular player

Final thoughts

Cheating at online casinos is not something I would encourage anyone to do because the outcome is always not the best. However, there is nothing wrong with doing enough research and exploiting some of the casino rules to your advantage. For instance, you may choose to only play casino games with a high Return to Player (RTP) to win more often.