How To Play Online Xoc Dia 3D Games?

How To Play Online Xoc Dia 3D Games

Four red and white chips are used to play Xoc Dia 3D games, which is also known as Shake the Plate. The chips are spread out on a tray and covered with a container to prevent them from exposing the results of shaking to the players. To play the game, the player simply wagers on whether a certain number of red or white combinations would occur. Also, Xoc Dia is a common gambling game in Vietnam.

On record, it is believed that this game was invented in the early 1900s. As a result of its alleged links to illicit activity, the Vietnamese Criminal Code defines gambling as criminal conduct. In this article, we will talk about the popular online gambling game, Xoc Dia and how to play the game.

How To Play Xoc Dia Game?

In Xoc Dia, four distinct chips with two faces are used to create an even-odd game (red and white). Players are required to guess the outcome of the four chips while the dealer shaking the chips in a bowl. The game is quite similar to Sic Bo, as they both require players to guess the result of objects under a covered bowl. The odds of winning the Xoc Dia game are about two to one, depending on the casino.

If any of the guesses are incorrect, players will lose their bets. The dealer shuffles four coloured chips using a stick. The player then has to place his bet and guess the result of the betting. The dealer will cover the bowl with a cover and will then shake it. The dealer will uncover the result of each chip one at a time, in any order he wishes, and the player will win or lose depending on his choices.

What Are the Betting Options and Odds in Xoc Dia?

The Xoc Dia is a table game that requires players to place their bets in the betting boxes. There are six different betting options available for all players in the Xoc Dia game. The following are the betting options and their winning odds.

Even = 1 : 0.93

Odd = 1 : 0.93

Four Reds = 1 : 12.5

Four Whites = 1 : 12.5

Three Reds & One White = 1 : 2.5

Three Whites & One Red = 1 : 2.5

Players are free to place any bets on the above selections and once the outcome has been disclosed, the dealer has to pay the players that placed the correct bets accordingly.

Xoc Dia Game Tips and Tricks

Xoc Dia Game Tips and Tricks

As always, there are some tips and tricks for every casino game, just like Xoc Dia. It’s a good idea to keep betting on the greatest potential outcome if you want to win. After some studying and researching, we found that the highest possible outcome is getting Odds result. This means that you are encouraged to place a bet on the Odd box and also the two other odds boxes (“Three Reds & One White” and “Three Whites & One Red”). This is a strong Xoc Dia strategy that you might need to consider when playing the game.

After some calculations, the possibility of the winning chances is above 70% which is considered very high. The winning odds of the above betting strategy is 181% if you bet on the three boxes. Below are the steps to bet and calculations of the betting strategy:

Bet on Odd = $10

Bet on Three Reds & One White = $10

Bet on Three Whites & One Red = $10

Total Betting = $30

Outcome – Odd + Three Reds & One White

Outcome = 0.93 + 2.5 = 3.43

Winnings = $19.3 + $35 = $54.3

Net Profit = $54.3 – $30 = $24.3

Based on the above example, we can see that profiting from this game is extremely easy. If you place bets with $30, you are winning $24.3 on each winning game. As mentioned, the outcome of odds in Xoc Dia is above 70% which is very likely to appear.

Where Can I Play Online Xoc Dia in Singapore?

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